16 Homemade Holiday Gifts…
Plus the perfect present for all the crafty ladies in your life.

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16 Homemade Holiday Gifts - Holistic Squid

Do you make your own homemade holiday gifts?

No, me neither.  But I do think about it every year, poring over options and plotting out homemade holiday gifts that will be the perfect balance of thoughtful, affordable, and unique. Then I usually get online and order my presents.

This year I’m definitely planning to make some gifts, and I’ve found a whole bunch of great ideas.

So, whether you’re a browsing poser or living the dream of a DIY Christmas…

Here are 16 homemade holiday gifts that are all-natural, beautiful, and ever so useful too…

Chai Tea – A creamy, spiced chai tea without all of the nasty processed sugar and preservatives?  Yes please! Make this one as a dried tea mix or whip up a big batch of chai syrup and pour in into gift-sized bottles to give with a jug of raw milk!

All Natural Chocolate Syrup – I have been fantasizing about making a healthy alternative the my childhood favorite for awhile now. This one looks great!

Elderberry Syrup – Great for flu prevention, but also yummy poured over pancakes too. Wrap it up with a bow and instructions.

Homemade Holiday Gifts - Holistic Squid


For the Foodies in your life, gift them with culinary essentials like homemade peppermint extract or this beautiful vanilla extract.

Any dudes (or gals) that love to barbeque will love this tasty taco seasoning. They many even appreciate that it’s free of toxic additives, but only you will know that it only took a few minutes to make! Homemade Holiday Gifts - Holistic Squid


Anyone on your list got a sweet tooth?

Surprise them with homemade treats that are crafted with simple, healthy ingredients. Fluffy rose & rhubarb honey-sweetened marshmallows – don’t these look fun? These maple pecan candies have only three ingredients, and this coconut citrus fudge is a yummy twist on the classic.



What would Christmas be without trimmings for the tree? And all the better when given as a homemade holiday gift. These Woolen Ornaments and Yarn Ornaments are easy enough that the kids can help to make them. And check out these pretty Ornaments from the Garden too!

homemade holiday gifts - Holistic Squid


And my personal favorite… give the gift of natural luxury with handmade beauty products including this Tallow Body Balm, All Natural Homemade Mascara, sensuous Bath Salts with Lemongrass, or this decadent Whipped Body Butter.


Whatever you decide to give, don’t kill trees to wrap the prezzies – I love this gorgeous upcycled gift wrap idea!  Elegant, eco-friendly and free.

Homemade Holiday Gifts - Upcycled Gift Wrap

Not sure if you have what it takes to make homemade holiday gifts?

If you love the idea of creating presents for family and friends but are intimidated by the amount of work, time, and risk of failure, I’ve got the perfect gift for you. Yes, I know you aren’t technically supposed to get yourself a gift at this time of year, but really, who made up that rule?

- Have you seen Heather of Mommypotamus’s best selling ebook: DIY Organic Beauty Recipes? These are body products that you will like better than the store bought options – and not only because they are all-natural.

After hours of sifting through Pinterest and experimenting with tons of make-your-own beauty recipes, Heather has found and refined the very best recipes – ones that actually work.

No greasy hair shampoo. No grimy mouth toothpaste or tinted lips that last for only 10 seconds.

If that’s not enough, Heather (a working, homeschooling mom of two) knows that you don’t have time to spend all day making lotion bars, so her recipes are as simple as possible!

I am so excited to dig into my own copy of DIY Organic Beauty Recipes so I can make all these awesome recipes for myself. (I know, so greedy!)

And, if you’re like me and can’t possibly find the time to make homemade holiday gifts (which couldn’t be because you’re too busy making your own shampoo!) the DIY Organic Beauty Book is the perfect present for all of the crafty ladies in your life.

If we’re lucky, maybe someone will make us some lip balm as a thank you gift. Happy holidays!

Get the DIY Organic Beauty Recipe Book here. DIY Organic Beauty Book

So, what homemade holiday gifts are you making this year?

Homemade Holiday Gifts - Holistic Squid


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  1. Holly says

    Thanks for posting all these ideas! I got a few more ideas to add to my list. I’ve already been making some vanilla extract for a month and just ordered the little bottles. Also ordered little tea bags to make chai for gifts. Now I want to do the chocolate sauce too! Also gonna try my hand at soapmaking and making some body lotion. too!

  2. Rebecca says

    I just bought mommypotamus’ DIY organic beauty book yesterday in order to make Xmas gifts this year, then I saw this post which is great because now I can add the taco seasoning for the guys & the marshmallows for the little ones on my list. So thank you! And the coconut fudge is always a favorite!

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