About Holistic Squid

Emily of Holistic Squid Welcome to Holistic Squid – my little wave in the cyber sea! I’m Emily, and I write this blog for you.I grew up in a tiny coal town in Pennsylvania that boasted the second largest outdoor swimming pool in the state, one bowling alley, and whole bunch of churches.
My dad was a small town family doctor, and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps – minus the small town.

But then I got distracted. I studied classic literature and creative writing in college. Followed a passion for photography. Traveled. Bartended. Discovered yoga. Found Chinese medicine and moved to California.

Now, all grown up, I’m a mom and a wife. (Meet my family in this post!)

In my clinical practice, I use acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and lots of listening.

I specialize in fertility and pregnancy – but I treat families for all sorts of conditions, and I like to imagine it’s much like my dad’s small town medical practice was decades ago. But my version is in Los Angeles.

At home in my kitchen, I’m a bit obsessed with real, traditional food, and can be often seen hanging cheese from a giant ceiling hook or stirring a soup pot full of bones. Sound weird? I like to make enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies too.

And whenever I can, I hop in the ocean.

About Holistic Squid

This blog is a culmination of professional and personal experience, and my insatiable passion for learning.

Like the mysterious creature that shoots and swirls through the ocean, I’ve got my tentacles exploring many things: fertility, health, delicious, nourishing food, and whatever else blooms from my neo-hippy existence here in Southern California.

Like any woman, Holistic Squid is complex, and my serious side is balanced with a silly name, quirky smile, and lots of love.

In surf lingo, a ‘squid’ is a newcomer or beginner.

So, while my eyes are observing everything, and I tell as I see it, I do my best to keep an ‘beginner’s mind’ – open and eager to learn anew.

I hope you enjoy reading Holistic Squid –

Let’s dive in and have some fun!


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