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Slow Cooked Caramel Apples

Slow Cooked Caramel Apples - Holistic Squid

Fall is in the air, and these slow cooked caramel apples are just the thing to waft buttery cinnamon goodness through your house and get you in the mood for autumn. While I am a self-confessed summertime gal, this season holds a special place in my heart. Back in Pennsylvania as a kid, the air sme ... [Read More...]

Healing Eczema Naturally –
Abby’s Story

Healing Eczema Naturally - Abby's Story - Holistic Squid

Today Abby from PrimePhysiqueNutrition.com is sharing her amazing story of healing eczema naturally after a lifetime of extreme suffering and failed treatments. Welcome, Abby! My journey has been painful and tiring, but I'm glad to say that I've finally overcome severe eczema - despite numerou ... [Read More...]

Fish en Papillote – A Quick & Easy Delicious Dinner

Fish en Papillote - A Quick & Easy Delicious Dinner - Holistic Squid

Don't you just love how the French make the simplest things seem fancy? Wrap up fish in paper with some veggies and seasonings. Throw it in the oven, and viola - Fish en papillote! Fish en papillote - or fish packets, as I like to call them - make for a fantastic presentation at a dinner party, ... [Read More...]

Get the healthy life you want for less than thirty bucks

Healthy Living Bundle Sale - Get yours now!

I don't know about you, but I don't like to wait for a new year to roll around to get inspired to make positive changes in my life. Call me an opportunist, but I like to take advantage of my birthday, a sunny day, and every change of season as a chance to re-evaluate where I may want to start doing ... [Read More...]

Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza

Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza - Holistic Squid

My little family has a Friday night tradition - movie night complete with buttered popcorn, root beer, homemade ice cream, and some sort of fun, snacky dinner. Sometimes it's homemade nachos, but our newest favorite is this gluten free deep dish pizza. Personally, I've found that I can digest whe ... [Read More...]

What Would Emily Do? (9/4 Edition)

What Would Emily Do? Q&A with Holistic Squid

My inbox runneth over with questions from readers wondering - What would Emily do - about Real food and holistic health topics. I’ve created this Q&A to get your questions answered and for other folks to benefit from the answers too. Who am I to know the answers to your questions? I’m a hol ... [Read More...]

Introducing Real Plans – The New, Revolutionary Way to Meal Plan

Real Plans - Meal Planning Revolutionized - Holistic Squid

You guys!  It's finally here! Since I started offering my meal plan service, I've gotten tons of feedback from subscribers. Based on all of the requests, I teamed up with my uber geeky and technically brilliant husband, Antony, to create a meal planning service like none other. After nearly ... [Read More...]

Bell Pepper Soup with Basil Tarragon Olive Oil

Bell Pepper Soup with Basil Tarragon Olive Oil - Holistic Squid

In dreaming up recipes for my weekly meal plans service, sometimes I just stare in my fridge, praying that inspiration will come. That's when I know it's time for a new cookbook to spark new ideas and remind me of flavors that I've forgotten. I discovered this red bell pepper soup in my most rec ... [Read More...]