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How to Teach Your Kids to Eat Right and Love Real Food

How to Teach Your Kids to Eat Right and Love Real Food - Holistic Squid

Since I was a little girl, my nutrition education has been an ongoing contradiction. First, the Four Food Groups were introduced as an absolute - eat meat, dairy, bread, fruit/veggies every day. Period. Seemed straightforward enough to my early adolescent mind, but mostly I was interested in eati ... [Read More...]

What do your food cravings really mean?

What do your food cravings really mean? - Holistic Squid

You ever have one of those moments when you want a chocolate Ritter Sport bar so badly, that you NEED it? You must have it so badly that you will get out of bed in your jammies and drive down a windy mountain road to get to the store minutes before they close - just so you can fulfill your burning de ... [Read More...]

Summertime Ceviche

Summertime Ceviche - Holistic Squid

Tanned skin in sun dresses, sandy feet in flip flops, and days that seem to stretch on forever. Oh summer, I love you. Of course, to pair with any season there are foods that can evoke nostalgia with a single bite. Summertime ceviche is one of those foods. Cold, salty, tart, and satisfying, a go ... [Read More...]

What Would Emily Do? (7/8 Edition)

What Would Emily Do? Q&A with Holistic Squid

I hope you're enjoying a fun and festive summer. I've been spending the past week hitting the beach and celebrating my daughter's fourth birthday with princesses and pompoms galore. But alas, even this beach girl needs some work to stay happy and balanced. My inbox runneth over with questions f ... [Read More...]

Orange Dreamsicles

Orange Dreamsicles - Holistic Squid

As per usual in Southern California, the weather is pleasantly warm, but not seethingly hot, by any stretch of the imagination. Yet it is popsicle season, and my kids have popsicle fever. Every day, multiple times per day, I am asked, "WHEN are we going to make more popsicles???" Then when the pop ... [Read More...]

6 Reasons to Skip the Spray Sunscreen

6 Reasons to Skip the Spray Sunscreen - Holistic Squid

This is a public service announcement: please, please stop spraying those nasty spray sunscreens at the beach, at the pool, anywhere. Thank you. I get it. They're convenient. No more rubbing in pasty white cream all over yourself and your kids. No more sand sticking to every surface of your bo ... [Read More...]

How to Make Zoodles – Your Summer Solution to Grain-free Noodles

How to Make Zoodles - Holistic Squid

I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite food: zoodles. Perhaps you're already hip to this grain-free pasta substitute, but I have only recently discovered my true love for this noodle-y dish. All winter long we love to drench our rich meaty and/or creamy sauces all over spaghetti squash, but ... [Read More...]