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Poutine: The Best French Fries with Gravy You’ll Ever Meet

This Poutine is the Best French Fries with Gravy You'll Ever Meet - Holistic Squid

If you have ever spent any extended amount of time 'back east', you know that diners are omnipresent eating institutions. While California knock-offs do their best with burgers, fries, and, shakes, East Coast diners - be they in old train cars or the random building on the corner - have a special som ... [Read More...]

The Solution for Stressed Metabolism

The Solution for Stressed Metabolism - Holistic Squid

If you're anything like me, you may have had times in your life when you wonder if your metabolism is broken. You may have thought, "What's with that odd collection of weight around my middle [or another area of body] that I never had before and won't seem to go away regardless of what I do?" Y ... [Read More...]

March Giveaway – Breville Slow Juicer

March Giveaway - Breville Slow Juicer - Holistic Squid

Congratulations to Lynn, the winner of last month’s Real Food Pantry Giveaway.  Lynn, please email me [support at holisticsquid dot com] and I will get you set up with your prizes! Confession: I have a juice problem. You see, fancy juice shops are popping up all over the place, and I just can't ... [Read More...]

How to Stock Your Holistic Travel Remedy Kit

How to Stock Your Holistic Travel Remedy Kit - Holistic Squid

When I pack up my family (or myself) for a trip, I always include a little holistic travel remedy kit in case we start to feel under the weather. The last thing you need while traveling - whether to grandma's house or abroad - is to start to feel feverish, achy, and sniffly with no idea where to find ... [Read More...]

Grandma’s Blueberry Muffins

Grandma's Blueberry Muffins

Whenever I think of grandma's blueberry muffins, I get the warm and fuzzies. During the hot and humid Pennsylvania summers we used to spend a day picking blueberries - filling huge buckets with tiny berries while eating probably just as many. We'd come home happy, with inky fingers, and my mom ... [Read More...]

Travel Vaccines: A Smart Precaution or More Harm Than Good?

Travel Vaccines: A smart precaution or more harm than good? - Holistic Squid

Readers often ask what I suggest about travel vaccines, and I have to chuckle a bit because in the past eight years, apart from a couple of trips to England to visit my husband's family, I've barely left the state of California, let alone traveled abroad. Before having kids, I considered 'seeing the ... [Read More...]

Citrus Splash Spray –
a Simple All-Purpose DIY Cleaner

Citrus Splash Spray - A Simple DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

When I was a pre-teen, my best friend, Jes, and I figured out the way to my mom's heart (and how to get her to agree to just about anything). We would go gang-busters cleaning the house. We'd start with the kitchen, and dumped Soft-Scrub with bleach on every surface, wiping until they came up glow ... [Read More...]