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Party Wave Wednesday 3-06-13

Party Wave Wednesday

Welcome to Party Wave Wednesday!  Out on the water, etiquette dictates that the surfers that are in the best position for the wave take the ride (unless you’re a barney or a snake). Every now and again everyone hops on at the same time – This is called a party wave.

In this weekly post all of the raddest bloggers come together to share their big wave stories a.k.a. their best posts on fertility, natural health, and nutrition so you can read them all in one place. I hope you’re stoked with the ride!

Party Wave Wednesday Rules:

  1. Please only link to posts covering fertility, natural health and nutrition, and green living topics.
  2. Important: Please update your post with a link back to this post (not the Holistic Squid homepage), so your readers can check out all of the awesome posts we’ll be sharing! A simple, “This post is linked to Big Wave Wednesday at HolisticSquid.com!” is perfect. This is a blog carnival courtesy.
  3. Please link the URL of your actual blog post, not your blog’s home page.

Nah Bra…

It’s a free ocean, but it’s my wave, so please don’t share your posts about: giveaways, vegan diets, religion, or recipes with tons of processed, franken-foods … I’d rather not have to get all agro and press delete.

Love Fest

I will be pinning on my Pinterest boards all the entries to Party Wave Wednesday that:

a.) Follow the rules… and

b.) I think are rad.

Most weeks, that’s pretty much everyone! So, come follow me on Pinterest and share the love.

Disclaimer and Affiliate Endorsement Information

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  5. Eileen says:

    Thanks for hosting! This week I linked up to a post about HeartMath biofeedback. I had the chance to experience it, and let me just say it’s fascinating to see the mindbody connection that clearly.

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  9. Kaja says:

    I posted the recipe for Grain-free Sweet Potato Bars with Coconut Honey Drizzle…… thanks for hosting. It’s fun to see what others are sharing…. have a sweet day….

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  20. Thanks for hosting, Emily! This week I’ve shared an old Victorian recipe I found for making homemade tinted lip balm.


  21. Looks like a great party ave this week! We’re sharing how to cure a plantar wart naturally. Seriously. So simple. You are going to love it. This one’s tried, tested and true!

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