Reflections – April 2012

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- While April showers occasionally grace us with their presence in Southern California, April typically embodies the delightfully sunny reasons while I love living here. And true to it’s reputation, this month we experience a mini-summer – a few hot days and even some warm nights teased us with a false promise of a long luxuriant summer ahead.  (Alas, June Gloom will descend soon with a fat marine layer of fog) but until then I am soaking up the rays and breathing in the air that has been cleansed by spring rain.

Looking Back on April:

  • My little helpers and I planted the garden, and given the shade and shifting patches of sunlight on our property, we decided try portable containers first. The Dirt Bag, Topsy Turvy, and a Linen Over-the-Door Shoe Rack are now all planted with heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, tomatillos, beans, cucumbers, herbs, and a few mystery plants that I forgot to label!
  • I outsmarted our neighborhood raccoons (for once) by hanging our strawberry planter from the garage roof and then parking far enough away so their attempts of using my car as a launch pad failed. The sinister creatures retaliated by shredding a soiled biodegradable diaper all over our walkway.
  • Still loving the extra hour of ‘reading’ I’ve added to my day with – This month, I listened to The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith which, though interesting and important in many ways, was a bit intense in an angry-feminist-on-a-mission kind of way. I treated myself to pure escapism entertainment by listening to The Hunger Games after that.
  • Not quite willing to make my own, I searched high and low for delicious store bought sprouted flour lasagne noodles to make this gorgeous classic lasagna. The quest continues…
  • My family demolished a massive batch of homemade cashew butter, and I am dreaming of making wild blackberry jam to pair with the next batch.
  • We flipped though my husband’s old journal and re-lived the days after my first born came into our lives. Then…
  • Spent quite a bit of time considering education options for our now soon-to-be kindergartener (how time flies!) – settling on a custom-made plan: enrolled at our local charter public school, supplemented with a generous douse of supplementary activities (tai kwon do, Spanish, and farm camp), and a topped with healthy sprinkle of home schooling.
  • I considered buying meat from a wonderfully affordable and sustainable Amish farm in Pennsylvania, but decided supporting my local foodshed was a better choice and am planning to purchase my first quarter of beef from our local farmer.
  • Preparing for a season of chiggers and mosquitoes with this homemade bug repellent – secret ingredient: catnip!
  • At my Monday kitchen play dates, we made a massive pot of Nonton Soup, some cocoa body butter, mayonnaise, and another huge batch of kraut. When the latter runs out, we are definitely making some spicy kimchi. And we are also planning a few weeks of Indian dishes to stock the freezer for lazy days.

What were your memorable moments of April?

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  1. Tiffinie McEntire Tang via Facebook says

    We’ve been watching carrots, peas & watermelons sprout…waiting for strawberries, and enjoying being back in J’s preschool prep (yay for circle time, bubbles, & crafts!)

  2. Tanya says

    I like that you outsmarted those darn racoons! I didn’t realize that they liked strawberries…

    • says

      Oh, my goodness. They will eat ANYTHING. And they are vengeful critters too! I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled up a ladder to the hanging strawberries before the season’s through. I also imagine they are trying a cheerleading pyramid approach while we are sleeping. Yes, I’m a bit raccoon paranoid. 😉

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