Reflections – March 2012



Living in Pennsylvania for the first quarter century of my life, March was always the toughest month of the year for me. The bustle and warmth of the holiday season a distant memory, the grey and dreary winter seemed to drag on despite whether or not a groundhog had seen its shadow in February, and the chill in my bones settled into my mood as I waited for the first warm days of spring.

Having adopted Southern California as my home, I still find an interesting challenge at this time of year. Though the weather is generally moderate with an occasional deluge of rain, I still sense an awkward transition, like a sprout of a plant gradually busting through the shell of a seed.

There are so many ways we are removed from nature in our modern world – electricity that creates false daylight, technology that connects us instantly throughout the globe, medicines that mask our pain, and food that appears on our tables in neat packages with no relation to the ground from whence it came. But regardless of how unnatural things become, I can’t help but feel the pull of nature at this time of year. For me, spring is a time of growth, new beginnings, and reflection.

Looking back on March:

What were your memorable moments of March?

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  1. Soli Zat Johnson via Facebook says

    I did not cook enough but I DID get to go backstage at a Jane’s Addiction show.

  2. Tracey O'Donnell Muldaur via Facebook says

    I definitely want to make my own elderberry syrup. How are you storing it? How long will it last in the fridge?

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