My Favorite Seaweed Snacks

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- My family LOVES seaweed snacks – especially my kids! It goes in school lunches every day. We use it as wraps for salmon and avocado dinners, and it makes a great snack folded over homemade goat cheese.

If you have never tried seaweed snacks, you may be surprised by how incredibly delicious and addictive they can be. This ocean vegetable is an incredible source of minerals. Natural iodine makes it excellent for thyroid health (a.k.a healthy metabolism), and in Chinese medicine seaweed is used medicinally to “soften nodules and accumulation” – which somehow always translates in my head to cellulite reduction.

I love this quote by the famous herbalist Susan Weed about seaweed for fertility and women’s health:

Seaweed flows and shifts like the energy of a woman. Saline solutions of ocean and uterus rock in rhythm. Pulses of tide, menstruation, heartbeat, and fertility join seaweeds and wombs. Nourishing breast milk merges with waves of green fronds.

Unlike other seaweed snacks, this brand are lightly toasted with real olive oil (not canola!) and sea salt. If you don’t already adore this stuff, prepare to fall in love with seaweed snacks!

Click here to get my favorite seaweed snacks online

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  1. says

    One of the reasons we are starting a school garden is just this. It is our duty to help those who aren’t aware, to know where safe, healthy food can be grown. Booo on Monsanto. Heck no, we won’t grow!

  2. Laura C. says

    I strongly support GMO labeling as I think it is important to know what we are consuming. We need to become more informed consumers and demand that manufacturers clearly label what’s in our food!! Thanks for the chance!

  3. says

    1) SEAWEED is my veggie pick for the month of October, I have been featuring it all month and here you are with your give-a-way and fun information on this highly nutritious sea vegetable! I am not familiar with this brand, I buy the TJ version on a regular basis. I live in IA and I support Prop 37 for all the reasons you listed, this vote DOES affect those who are non residents of the state!! Good job in sharing the word!!!

  4. Catalina Campbell says

    Please vote YES on 37 for yourself and for those who cant vote! Your kids, grandkids, canadians living in california,
    dogs, and all those who want to live in a world where they can eat food NOT made in a lab.

  5. Norma says

    I support prop 37. I have a right to know what is in my food. If GMO’s are safe, I am sure Monsanto and all the chemical companies support prop 37 too, after all what do they have to hide?

  6. kyung lee says

    I support prop. 37 because I should have the right to know what it is I’m buying. We need to make our voices heard. In many other countries, they are banning gmo’s, while we are still just trying to get our food labeled. I hope that the passing of prop 37 will turn the tide in the u.s.

  7. corey says

    I support prop 37 because we all have the right to know where our food comes from and what has been done to it. Too long the big food industry has tried to keep consumers in the dark about the reality of food production.

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