Should I Get A Flu Shot?
5 Reasons Why Not.

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Should I Get a Flu Shot? - Holistic Squid

At this time of year many folks are asking their doctors, friends, and themselves – “Should I get a flu shot?”

A simple trip to the pharmacy or a browse on the internet may have you convinced that a vaccine against the influenza virus is a great idea, but I join well over half the U.S. population in passing on the flu shot each year.

It is certainly up to you to make the best decision for you and your family, but for your consideration…

Here are 5 Reasons that I Skip the Flu Vaccine:

1 – The flu is not a life threatening disease.

I get it. No one wants the flu.

But the fact of the matter is, that for most folks, the flu is just an extremely uncomfortable, extremely inconvenient fact of life.

The Washington Post says the “public health community [has] overstated the risk of flu-related death.” Yes, people die from the flu, but not the average, healthy individual. Even among the elderly, the risk of death from the flu is 1 in 1000. (source)

From a health perspective, getting acute bouts of illness is neither good nor bad, but mostly inevitable. The world we live in is ripe with germs – they are part of the process of life. It is your body’s job to keep these bacteria, yeast, and viruses in check. When you get an acute fever – with a flu, cold, or otherwise, that’s your body fighting the imbalance of germs. So your best defense against any illness is a strong immune system.

2 – Flu vaccines are often ineffective.

If there’s a way to avoid getting the flu, why not do it?

Well, just because you got the shot, doesn’t mean you won’t get the flu. Last year’s vaccine was particularly ineffective in preventing the strains of flu in the U.S. with only 52% efficacy reported by the CDC.

This was largely due to the fact that the flu vaccine is a guess.

There is no single virus that causes the flu and there is no single flu vaccine that protects against all strains. Scientists take an educated guess as to what three of over 300 different flu viruses they expect to have the greatest virulence in the upcoming year. The vaccine is then formulated from these three viruses.

When you get the flu vaccine, your body produces antibodies to three specific strains of the virus. So you basically have a three out of 300 chance (one percent) of being vaccinated for the proper viral strain. Additionally, the viruses are always adapting and may change form by the time you are exposed.

Even if you are fortunate enough to receive a vaccine for the proper strain of virus, it will be useless if your body hasn’t produced a full response (which takes two weeks) or if there is too much time (over three months) between vaccine and viral exposure. The virus may have adapted over time to create a structure the body fails to recognize.  (source)

If the guessing game isn’t reason enough, The Scientific American writes that “Flu shots may not protect the elderly or very young” – the precise segment of the population that the CDC declares at the highest risk for influenza related death.

Interestingly, in comments to the above post,  Dr. Dan Jernigan the Deputy Director of the Influenza Division of the CDC confirms, “In general, the flu vaccine works best among young healthy adults and older children.” (source)

So basically, if the vaccine works at all, it probably won’t work for those with the most likely risk of death or serious complication from the flu.

3 – Adequate Vitamin D may be BETTER flu prevention than the vaccine.

I don’t want the flu any more than you do. So, in my house, instead of choosing three strains of flu to protect against (what the vaccine does) we take measures to strengthen our immune systems as a whole against any “invaders”.

In addition to our nutrient-dense diet, we stock up on Chinese herbs, elderberry syrup, and Vitamin D during the less sunny months of the year. While we still get sick (we’re not perfect, after all!), it’s typically not as often as our friends and neighbors nor are our symptoms as severe or as long-lasting.

According to a 2010 study, even children taking a low dose of vitamin D were 50% less likely to contract the flu. (source) Imagine what happens when vitamin D levels are actually optimized!

Keep in mind that simply taking some vitamin D many not be enough to ward off the flu, because what’s important is the actual level of vitamin D in your blood. Ask your doctor to order a Vitamin D3 panel or you can order a home kit here to check levels yourself.

While sunshine is the most effective way to get Vitamin D, oral supplementation may be necessary for those in winter climates or with extremely low levels of this nutrient. If you are very, very low, you may need a much higher dose of supplemental D3.

You can read more about how to get vitamin D in winter and proper dosages here.

4 – There are long-term health risks of flu vaccines.

There are plenty of stories online of flu vaccine-related death and injury, and the pro-vaccine community counter with their own tales of death by flu. While these reports are compelling on both sides, I am personally even more concerned with the long term health risks of flu shots.

According to the research of Hugh Fudenberg, MD, a leading immunogeneticist, an individual is ten times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease if they have received 5 flu shots in their lives, as opposed to others who have have 0-1 flu shots. This is attributed to levels of aluminum and mercury. Most of the flu vaccine for this current season (2012-13) will contain Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative as well as aluminum.

The flu vaccine has also been linked with other serious health conditions such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, vascular disorders, and narcolepsy.

In addition to mercury and aluminum, the shots often contain known toxic additives such as polysorbate-80 and formaldehyde.

Does the short term (potential) benefit of the vaccine outweigh the long term risks?  Not from where I stand.

5 – The makers of flu vaccines do not necessarily have your best interests in mind. 

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I think it’s important to mention here that vaccines are simply a profit-driven business bringing in ten of billions in profit to pharmaceutical companies each year. (source)

Business articles online are particularly nauseating as they talk about the ways that “Vaccines Help Cure Drugmakers’ Ills” [note: this article seems to be removed from the internet since this post was originally published] and “How Big Pharma Profits from Swine Flu“. It is evident from these reports that Big Pharma’s pocketbook is definitely being put before the patient’s.

Look around at the buses, pharmacies, and other advertisements that are selling shots, and you can get an idea of the amount of money that goes into this business. If everyone decided to use vitamin D and other natural immune boosting methods to defend against the flu, Big Pharma would lose a big paycheck.

While this alone is not a good reason to skip a life-saving medicine, consider that the flu is largely not life-threatening for a vast majority of the population.

So, why the big push to get a potentially harmful, not very effective vaccine to as many people as possible?

Big Pharma has to eat too, folks.

Do you get flu shots?

Why or why not?

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  Should I get a flu shot - Holistic Squid

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  1. moonablaze says

    I get a flu shot to protect my patients. I work in a nursing home and for 90% of my patients, the flu would be life threatening.

    • says

      Hi Moonablaze – Thanks for you comment. I can see how this is a very good reason to choose to get a flu vaccine, but just to play devil’s advocate, why not use vitamin D and other immune boosters to reduce the likelihood of flu? As I see it, a healthy immune system is a better protector against the flu than the vaccine anyway.

      • moonablaze says

        I use both. Vaccines are ineffective in the absence of a healthy immune system anyway, they work by teaching your immune system what to attack. In my case this reduces the likelyhood that I’ll get a mild flu (perhaps so mild that I might think it “just the sniffles” or even just a headache) and go into work while contagious.

        • Lynne says

          I do the same for the same reason-to protect my dialysis patients. I can understand the concern about vaccines, but in my particular situation I feel I need to look at the big picture & do what I can to protect my vulnerable patients. A flu may be inconvenient to me, but life-threatening to them.

          • Sarah says

            I respect your decision 100%. But remember, those who chose to opt out are also looking at “the big picture”.

    • Jacqueline says

      I work in direct patient care as well…the first time I had the flu (age 42, which I caught from my boyfriend who did get a shot that year, I never get the shot)…I was working in a nursing home…not a single one of those frail, elderly, immune compromised patients wound up with the flu. I am a physical therapist and have my (clean) hands on patients all day, and am quite close to them.
      The second time I had the flu (age 48) I was working in a hospital, and none of the patients got the flu.
      If you practice universal precautions patients should remain safe (besides that there is NO guarantee that you won’t get the flu just because you get a shot).
      My naturopath and other health professionals I follow say that it is good for our immune system for us to go through minor illnesses once in a while…I wish I could remember the reasoning.
      Love the posts on this site….keep up the great work!

  2. Tracy says

    I do not and neither will my kids–ever. I think the risks of the ingredients are much higher than the risk of flu. We do increase our vitamin D, C and Elderberry during this season and I’m *trying* to improve my 4-yr olds eating habits and vegetable/whole foods intake. He loves broccoli so that’s a step in the right direction!

  3. Lindsey says

    The last time I got the flu shot was about seven years ago. Within 48 hours I was throwing up and had painful constipation. My fever was high and i felt like death. After a trip to the ER they quickly admitted me and performed an appendectomy.

    The surgeon explained to me that the appendix is part of the immune system and I had an inflammatory immune response to the flu shot.

    After that no one in my family will be getting the flu shot. The risk is too high for the minimal protection that it provides.

  4. Kelly says

    My aunt took the flu shot 3 years ago and suffered a great deal for it. It attacked her brain which stopped telling her body to breath amoung many other things. The hospital put her into a coma for 3 months. She can’t sue because she signed a waver in order to get this shot. She’s now in a wheel chair and was only able to leave the hospital last year. Do not think that this is not dangerous! Your playing Russian roulet when you take these shots.

    • says

      Hi Kelly – Thanks for sharing your aunt’s story. That’s truly unfortunate. I hope her story helps others to use extreme caution around this and other optional medication.

  5. Keef says

    I enjoyed your article, however, the phrase “At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist…” just buys into belittling truth-seekers everywhere. Thank God for conspiracy theorists. They may be our only hope.

  6. michele says

    Question about the nasal flu vaccine, from what I read it does not contain thermisol. I’m just so scared either way to be honest. This is the first year we haven’t received a flu shot and my husband is starting to buy into the media stories recently that this is a horrific flu season and we should get them. Not to mention we have a lot of family (out of state) where 5 of them have been hospitalized this season with the flu. My entire family is already very skeptical of my “new found crazy natural ways” 😛 I’m trying to provide intelligent arguments but the rebuttal was the nasal spray flu vaccine, just curious if that might be considered a safer compromise?

    • says

      Hi Michele – Personally I would opt for therapeutic doses of Vitamin D3 over any flu shot regardless of its method of administration. Vitamin D is extremely effective. If you start taking it after you are already sick it tends to greatly shorten the duration of the flu.

      • michele says

        thanks for the advice. I’m not sure on the dosage of the vitamin D3. I purchased Child Life’s vitamin D3 drops from Whole Foods recently and the bottle says 800 IU for children, however other research I’ve seen says it should be more like 1500 for a typical 45lb child? My pediatrician says stick with the 800 since we live in ‘sunny California’, but I’m super skeptical of anything they say anymore. I’m curious what dosage parents here use? My kids are 7 and 4 and the 4 year old weighs about 40-45 lbs (I can’t recall the older one, but no more than 60lbs I’m sure).

  7. Ali says

    Thanks, Emily. I just discovered your blog a half hour ago and am already a huge fan! I have not received the flu shot for four years. The two years I did get the shot I was sick (with flu symptoms) for two weeks after it. I haven’t been sick with the flu since then. I actually don’t really get sick at all since changing my diet. I truly believe we can enable our inherently miraculous bodies to sustain health by feeding it pure forms of the food nature has to offer. How cool, right?! Keep up the good work, Emily!

  8. Megan says

    I have received the flu shot for the past 12 years. I have never had a negative reaction to the vaccine (other than the expected tenderness at the injection site and occasional low grade fever.) And I have only had the flu once. It was so mild that I would never have realized it was the flu if the doctor hadn’t told me. I credit the flu shot with attenuating the severity of the symptoms and duration of the illness.
    I have worked with immunocompromised patients for many years and I have a chronic medical condition. For both these reasons I find the flu vaccine invaluable. I figure a 62% of protection is better than zero.
    In the portion of your article that cited an increased risk for Alzheimer’s, you referenced Hugh Fudenberg, MD. I am highly skeptical of this reference because of Fudenberg’s history. Initially, he was involved in valuable discoveries, but he was also one of the authors on the now-discredited MMR and Vaccine paper. He also has done some other things that seems sketchy, but I will stick to the false MMR paper.
    I understand your concern about what you’re putting into your body, but I encourage you to vet your resources a bit. Some of your information links to great sites, like the CDC, but sources like Fudenberg can really bring an argument down.

    • says

      Hi Megan – I certainly respect your choice to receive vaccines. Personally I would rather use therapeutic vitamin D (especially if I had an chronic medical condition) which I believe is more effective, safer, and is something our bodies actually need.

      As for the credibility of sources, some may feel like they can’t and won’t trust the CDC just as equally as you don’t trust the research of this ‘discredited’ physician.

      Personally I find the Fudenberg research interesting. I also find it interesting that so many people are trying so hard to discredit his research. Everything I find online discredits him as a physician thereby discrediting his research, not the other way around.

      I don’t feel the MMR/autism picture is completely clear despite the “most recent research” and I also think a potential aluminum/Alzheimer’s link is also worth considering. That is why I include that research here.

      I think it’s worth keeping in mind that research of any kind does NOT ever equal fact. Research is merely humans using the scientific method (a flawed human invention) – in varying degrees of preciseness – to try to prove or disprove their own opinions. At the end of the day, using research to back your own opinion is merely sharing other peoples’ stated opinions.

  9. says

    I just discovered your site and blog and have to say I love it! I love that you write in a way that engages your community and inspires them to think for themselves. Thank you for caring enough to care!!
    In regards to your question about the flu shot….no way do I get it, and this is coming from a dental hygienist that has worked with patients day in and day out…WHY people come in to have their teeth cleaned when they are sick still baffles me, but I also understand the business side of dentistry and know what it does to the bottom line when patients cancel at too short of a notice.

    I found out at 35 that I was not vaccinated as a child for things other than tetanus, and as an adult I have only had the Hep B vac, which was done prior to me really diving into natural living. I believe in whole foods, vitamins and minerals as an alternative to vaccinations, and would much rather develop passive immunity to the bugs and critters out there!

    FTR my mom had 2 employees develop Guillain-Barré Syndrome after being vaccinated. That sealed my fate for never ever ever getting a flu shot!!

    Great post, thanks……what are your thoughts on oral health and the flu or sickness in general?

  10. Helen says

    I have successfully ignored the constant letters my GP (UK) send out for the Flu jab, from October to well i got one last week so January onwards, i have had a letter, and each time i ignore it. I was told by an elderly man whose now in his early 80s never to have the flu jab, because when he was much younger, er 70 yrs old, he said, that he had the flu jab it reacted really badly for him and he said for years he was having severe headaches, and then he decide to refuse the flu jab, and he said he never had a headache since. I use to have terrible migraines, i haven’t had a flu jab now for 4 years, and i don’t have migraines anymore.

    I take care of my body the way i feel i should, i also refuse to have blood tests for Cholesterol and i get those letters every 2 weeks.

    My Cholesterol is 3.02 and i was told by the nurse, this was 4 years ago, that my level was too low, where my sister whose very slim and petite had hers done and it was 9.03 and insisted she go on those tablets, and she ended up going into hospital because the blood had stopped going to her right foot, so if you can self treat yourself with supplements etc do it…

    For Flu, i have learnt alot from this post, because i only usually take Vitamin D in the Summer, and in winter i take 1000mg x 4 a day of Vitamin C. But i shall add the Vitamin D to my supplements tomorrow, many thanks for you’re lovely and very informative posts, i really enjoy reading them, yours more than most. x

  11. Lana says

    An interesting article. I wonder what are your thoughts on HIB virus? I (fully immunized as a baby) contracted it about 3 months ago. My infant who was 8 months old and has an intact immune-system was right next to me, breastfeeding while I lay there very very unwell. He didn’t get sick at all. My toddler who is partially immunized was in the other room 99% of the time and he was immunized against it and he contracted it. Though not nearly as bad as I had it. He was recovered while I was still sick.

    So the two with little to no vaccines had it a lot easier than I did. thoughts?

    • Amy says

      HIB is a ‘new’ vaccine that most adults will not have received, so you’re not vaccinated for it. It does demonstrate how quickly vaccine acquired immunity to many diseases wanes, and just how valuable breastfeeding is.

  12. Lesley says

    I was forced to get the flu vaccine this year. I have never gotten it, but the mother of the little girl I take care of told me I either get the shot (despite my concerns) or lose my job. I went with keeping my job, although I put off getting the vaccine for months. I doubt I will go through with it this coming winter and just tell her I got it. I have never supported the flu vaccine and never will.

  13. Raylene says

    Taking a vaccine for the protection of someone else is faulty reasoning, although lobbied successfully by Public Health. Just because you have a vaccine does not put you in a bubble where the viruses are unable to touch you. Your nose can still harbor viruses, whether you get sick or not, and you can still pass them along. Also, has someone else eluded, if you get a little bit sick, you are more likely to go to work.

  14. MzBaker says

    I do not recommend flu shots or any vaccines! Some may say that’s crazy, but that’s more than likely why my child has now been diagnosed with Autism! 1 in 88 kids get Autism after receiving vaccines! I wish now I would have never gotten them. I mean it’s not like the chicken pox is gonna kill’em. Being home-schooled he wasn’t exposed to a lot of children. I have read so much about vaccines I think using natural stuff like vitamins in fruits, veggies, roots, etc…. are just as beneficial!

    I wouldn’t ever inject myself with something to call myself protecting any one else. I mean who’s gonna protect me? Not that injection that could be anything! I do not trust it or the FDA!

  15. says

    Some years yes, some years no. In the past, it’s been due to my rather lackadaisical approach to health; meaning, if I remembered and bothered to get myself down the street to get a shot, then I would. Sometimes I would get sick, sometimes I wouldn’t. Last year really marked the beginning of my adventures into traditional foods. I noticed that I wasn’t getting my typical changing-of-the-seasons-cold, so I decided to forgo the flu shot as an experience. I didn’t get sick for over 12 months–a record for me! But since getting pregnant 5 months ago, I have already gotten sick 3 times. So I think I will get it this year…I know it’s controversial, but for once I do seem to be in the immuno-compromised category.

  16. Jackie says

    This may seem silly, but is it ok to take high levels of vitamin D and some of the supplements mentioned (elderberry being one) when you are pregnant? I am not getting the flu shot and want to help my immune system, but I am just nervous about what is ok to take while I’m pregnant.

    • says

      I’m curious if you would have the same recommendations or considerations for someone that is currently pregnant. I’m 5 months and am getting pressure from some of the doctor’s at my OB to get a flu shot, and support from a few others. Are there any additional considerations that come into play related to the flu shot for pregnant moms-to-be?

  17. Raylene says

    I didn’t write this article, so I am not sure if you are talking to me about “appraisal tools” or if you are being sarcastic, again. It’s so hard to tell tone from writing sometimes. I, for one, don’t say anything about anything, usually. I find my health deteriorates when I get sucked in to ridiculous arguments, but alas a few things have really gotten under my skin lately.

    I apologize if I have painted you with a broad brush. A lot of what I read is from the states and they have doctors down there who will kick you out of their practice if you don’t plan to vaccinate…which is just bullying, as far as I am concerned. I come from a small place where about 1 in 8 people don’t have Drs, so it is not so easy to find one that coincides with your beliefs. We had doctors up here kicking clients out of their practice that wanted to go with a Midwife, once they were legal. That’s bullying considering there is the odd time that we need access to things doctors are the gate keeper to. . Back to vaccination.

    My point regarding the stats that the public health uses in regards to deaths is that it is truly misinformation, because it is a made up number. When I went to nursing school I was taught that people were there to gather information so that they could make up their own mind. Remember informed consent? That means that you are supposed to provide the good, bad and ugly. If you think that the information that is being given is informed consent, you are absolutely wrong. I would like to know who is accountable for that? Certainly not the pharmaceutical companies, who have been protected from prosecution. Why would they need protection from prosecution if their product was safe as they say it is?Do you have to live with a child that becomes damaged by what you do?
    What you are saying is quite hypocritical, in my eyes. The information that you have been given is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies want you to know and again, I am painting a broad brush…but my thought is that I wish every Dr would actually look at all the information out there and critically appraise it from a neutral standpoint… Who funded it? Who has a conflict of interest? Is it a properly set up study meant to assess what it says it is epidemiology study versus double blind placebo? I actually read an epidemiology study in the Cochrane review that followed up saying that it was not meant to assess whether it caused autism…and then the Cochrane’s summary of it was that it was found not to cause autism! Well how many Dr’s actually read the study and not just the summary?
    I have every reason to assess things from a neutral standpoint because it is my body and my life. You have every reason to tow the line because look at what they do to doctors that go against what they are being told to say? Wakefield, anyone? He is going to be a hero in about a 100 years. To me that is a conflict of interest that makes what doctors say very suspect.
    You know, I am not that bright and you are the brightest of the bright. I really wish that there could be a real conversation between the people that have the cabability of understanding the whole picture, that don’t have conflicts of interest.

    Just because we have differing opinions doesn’t mean I am attacking you. I am glad you found my comments so amusing.

    Take care

  18. Raylene says

    I am so sorry, I am sure it is hard on you to lose clients. This probably wasn’t the best time to get in to a debate, but seriously, sincerity, not sarcasm, would have been a better idea, if you wanted an honest answer, or any answer at all from the writer, apparently. I don’t speak for her, don’t know her and I don’t agree with everything she says. Your clients, the ones that question everything, are very happy to take their lives in to their own hands and make their own decisions, if they are anything like me. It is neither the bloggest’s responsibility, nor yours, for the outcomes.
    I have to go put my beautifully healthy, unvaccinated, home birthed babies (6) to bed. I Take care.
    BTW, my husband concurs with you that I am a lunatic…”nuts” is his actual wording:)

  19. Billy says

    I’m an RN. I’ve seen patients die from complications of the flu. Had they received a simple flu shot their family members wouldn’t be grieving right now!!

    • Jay says

      Billy, your statement is incorrect. Getting a flu shot is NO guarantee that one won’t get the flu. I work in a hospital; my coworker who did get the flu shot this year was just out for one week with the flu. Her doctor told her that he is seeing many people withy the flu who did get a shot this year. My parents’ friend died in her doctor’s office after receiving the flu shot. So I guess I should say that if she hadn’t gotten it, her family wouldn’t be grieving right now.

  20. Arti says

    I’ve never had the flu shot. I’m 47 and I’ve only gotten the flu a couple of times. It was bad this past year because of other issues and had lost a lot of weight; my immune system was compromised. Thankfully, it only lasted for three days. What I usually do if I feel like I’m coming with something is take extra Vita C, eat oranges, Zinc, Echinacea extract, garlic tablets and lots of rest. The Echinacea boosts my immune system during the illness and shortens the duration if I feel under the weather. I have not gotten colds that lasted a week since I started this health pattern 20 years ago.

    During the summer, I try to get 30 minutes of sun to build Vita D and during winter I try to be out in it for at least 15 minutes. If cloudy or too cold, I take Vita D supplements. I also take Astragalus extract from September through May to build the immune system during flu season and it has not let me down since I started taking it. And if I feel a sore throat or stuffy nose, I rinse the nasal passages with salty water to wash the bacteria away. The sore throat usually goes away after a day of rinsing in the morning and at bedtime. Prior to this health diet, I was sick with colds all the time.

    I know someone will say that there isn’t enough scientific evidence to determine whether or not Echinacea & Astragalus are effective or that they promote a healthy immune system. It does not matter since it has worked for me. I am consistent with it and have the Astragalus extract every morning without fail during winter so I can guarantee success. It’s been nice to be healthy all these years. Prior to flu shots and all these drugs that the side effects are worse than the disease, people used herbs to help them and humanity has survived for thousands of years. So, THAT is my scientific evidence.

    Some people will die from the flu, some people will die from the flu shot, and most people will survive both. The key is to be as healthy as possible with a good diet, exercise, supplements, etc., to try and let the body naturally fight it (the same old story). Those that have a compromised immunity are at high risk and I cannot speak for them since I’m not in their position.

  21. Stacey RN says

    Well, push has come to shove and my employer of 22 years had made a mandatory flu vaccine policy. Be vaccinated or be terminated. There is a medical or religious exemption but either of them have to be reviewed by a team of higher ups and could be declined.
    I have till Oct 1 to turn in an exemption and til Nov 15 to get the vaccine or face disciplinary action. This just sucks! Part of me feels so stubborn, I will NOT get the vaccine and part of me want to cry! Where do I start…what can I do….any thoughts?

  22. says

    I haven’t had a flu shot since I turned 18 & my mother couldn’t make me go anymore. Every single stinking time I got the shot, I got the flu, within days, BADLY. Like, my mother who fell for nothing kept me home from school. No, not from the shot itself, vaccine apologists, either from one of the 297+ strains not covered by the vaccine, or from one of the 3 it did cover, but since I was inevitably exposed within days of getting the shot, it was useless as the full immune response had not yet kicked in. I turned 18 and went to college in 2001, haven’t had a flu shot since. Wanna know how many times I’ve had the flu? Three times. That’s it, three. Once in college during finals week while I was massively stressed out and thus had a compromised immune system anyway, and once during each of my pregnancies. Again, pre-compromised immune system. Did I freak out? No. I holed up in bed and got through it, and figured the naturally acquired antibodies would be passed on to the baby one way or another.

  23. says

    Thanks for the helpful info on the flu shot. At my last doctor visit she was pushing me to get it, but I really didn’t want to. Now I know I am making the right decision not to get the shot. I am so glad to know that D3 is just as helpful as I have been taking it for about a year now and I have been eating a healthy organic diet too.

  24. Nancy says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I always choose not to get the Flu Shot and everyone in my family always questions my choice – I’m not the best at explaining my holistic thoughts & beliefs are the time – and this article helps now! :)
    Also, HUGE thank you for posting the home testing kit for Vit D — I have Hashimoto’s/hypothyroidism and just lost my health insurance and I struggle with low Vit D levels — Thank you! *XO

  25. annette says

    My family stopped getting the flu shot 5 yrs ago. Every time my son, 5 at the time, received the vaccine he would get a VERY high temperature within 1 week. It was scary, his highest was 106, that’s why we choose not to get it. No one in my house has had the flu in the last 5 years.

  26. Susan says

    I have worked in healthcare for 15 years, and the years I did NOT receive the flu shot, I got the flu. The years I did get the flu shot, I didn’t. My personal track record is enough to convince me to get vaccinated each year. Another reason I chose to get the flu shot is because of the many people who don’t. I respect a person’s decision not to get the flu shot, and I’m not sure how I feel about employer mandated policies. I understand why a healthcare facility or food service facility would want their employees to get the shot, but call centers and office workers seem to be pretty low risk, IMO. My mom works in an office by herself, and has very limited contact with people (and only on a few days each month) – she doesn’t really need to get the flu shot, and she doesn’t.

    The hospital here has a “shot or mask” policy, and there were several mask wearers, but they were treated no differently than the other employees. I think that if those people are harassed, they need to be reporting it!

    ON the other hand…part of me says the yearly push to vaccinate HAS to be evidence of the CDC et all. being in bed with Big Pharma. It was only a few years ago when the annual flu shot was recommended for children, the elderly, and high risk patients. Each year, the recommendations included more people. Now, they are just like “okay, EVERYONE needs the shot”. I don’t think everyone needs the flu shot – and those people who don’t get it shouldn’t be belittled. In that vein, I would also like to be left alone about my decision to get the shot; instead I am told about the poisons I am putting in my body, and all of the horrible things I’m doing to myself by getting the flu shot. I personally don’t share those opinions, so mutual respect is a must.

    I would like to see a world where equal emphasis is put on having a healthy immune system in general. The body doesn’t only get sick during one season of the year…it can happen at any time (need I discuss the horrors of a “summer cold”?). Eating right is the most important part of good immune health, and unfortunately, there is so little information and education available about how to supplement a healthy diet with immune boosting items. Vitamin C is invaluable to me when I begin to feel under the weather, even though most people will discount that it does any good.

    Also, thank you for the information on Vitamin D levels. I’ve had a Vitamin D deficiency for a few years, and I just didn’t realize the link it has probably had on my immune health. My doctor just recently prescribed me 50,000IU once a week, and I’m already noticing a difference after one dose. It sounds like it came at the right time!

    Thanks for the article. While I don’t particularly agree with all of the items you discuss, I do appreciate the suggestions for helping boost immune health!

  27. Steve says

    Vaccinations have been proved wrong by many studies and independent scientists since the 80s. The results of Polio back in the day were fudged to make it look like the vaccine had cured polio. This was not the case, as many have found out, by reading the original results of populations without the polio vaccine having far less incidents of polio compared to vaccinated areas. In fact the Polio virus had already run its course and incidences had dropped significantly, before they introduced the vaccine – afterwards numbers of infected people in vaccinated areas rose dramatically.
    All vaccinations are toxic to our bodies living tissue. Never let anyone inject a foreign substance directly into your blood. The human body designed to keep things out of the blood, as it is our very DNA and is altered forever by injecting harmful chemicals and heavy metals, etc. If you aren’t 100% onboard with what Im throwing down then please, take some time to research on your own (don’t ask a doctor) and learn how the human body naturally builds immunity for life during the first formative years, and also look at why they are vaccinating children heavily during those years!!!
    WAKE UP!!!

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