Weber Gas Grill Review

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Webber Grill Giveaway at Holistic Squid

This giveaway is closed, but here’s my Weber Gas Grill review…

What better way to enjoy summer that firing up the barbie on a hot day and cooking up some delicious meals without over-heating your house? I’m going to pull the girl card here, and admit that I don’t know the first thing about choosing a grill. So I called on some manly-men to give their approval of this Weber gas grill.

I think it’s pretty, and the dudes (and Amazon reviews) say it’s a good one. That works for me.

Juicy grass fed steaks and burgers, tasty shrimp  kabobs, grilled corn (non-GMO, of course), and grilled summer peaches with a scoop of homemade ice cream.

What will you grill first on your Weber gas grill?

Weber Grill Giveaway at Holistic Squid



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