5 Reasons I Won’t Get a Tetanus Shot

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When to Get a Tetanus Shot - Holistic Squid Everyone knows that if you step on a rusty nail you’d better get a tetanus shot, right?  Well, my gut was has been saying no for this vaccine, but I honestly wasn’t sure what I’d do if one of my outdoor roaming kids came home with a dirty, nasty cut. So I decided to do some research…

Tetanus, sometimes called ‘lockjaw’, is caused when the tetanus bacteria (Clostridium tetani) gets in the blood stream and releases a nervous system toxin called tetanospasmin.

Most tetanus comes from soil, animal feces or dust. Puncture wounds are notable because tetanus-harboring dirt or dust collected on the sharp object can be driven into the body. The nail is simply the carrier of the bacteria into the body’s blood stream. (source)

When there’s enough oxygen to a wound, the tetanus bacteria can’t survive and its toxin won’t proliferate. In cases when the bacteria thrives, the infected person may experience stiffening of the jaw and other major muscles, severe muscle spasms, headaches, fever, trouble swallowing, and even death. (source)

Tetanus sound serious – so why in the world won’t I be giving my kids this shot or getting a booster if I get a dirty puncture wound?

5 Reasons I’ll Just Say NO to the Tetanus Vaccine

#1 – The tetanus vaccine does not guarantee immunity

According to the CDC’s recommendations, kids today should get the tetanus vaccine in the same shot as diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) – a.k.a. the DTaP, administered in five doses before the age of seven. As with any vaccination, the ‘immunity’ is not permanent, so regular boosters are necessary after the age of 11.

The tetanus vaccine has not changed the course of the disease:

Tetanus graph UK

I’ve shown charts like this before, and they are striking. As you can see above, the tetanus vaccine was only routinely administered starting in 1961 in the UK (source), however the rate of tetanus related deaths had been plummeting for the previous sixty years. This indicates that there was something more at hand other than the tetanus vaccine when it came to reducing incidents of tetanus. Better wound cleaning hygiene perhaps?

(Note: The US versions of this graph tend to conveniently lop off the first part of the century making the drop in disease seem more drastic. Check it out here.)

A 1992 report in The Journal of Neurology found that “severe (grade III) tetanus occurred in three immunized patients who had high serum levels of anti-tetanus antibody.” Regardless of their supposed vaccine protection, one of the patients in the study died as a result of tetanus. While this is obviously a small sampling, it still doesn’t earn the tetanus shot a big vote of confidence for me.

Is natural immunity possible?

According to this article by my friend Heather of Mommypotamus, there are numerous studies that show that populations of unvaccinated people have high levels of anti-toxin granting them natural immunity without ever having a single dose of medication or getting tetanus by gradually and unintentionally ingesting the tentanus bacteria in day-to-day living.

While eating spoonfuls of tetanus laden dirt is not necessarily a good solution, this gets me thinking – given the right support, doesn’t it make sense that a healthy human should be able to fight off the complications from tetanus in the blood stream?  Hang on!  We’ll get to that…

#2 – The vaccine is packed with toxins

A tetanus shot is created by using the tetanospasmin toxin to produce an anti-toxin. When the vaccine enters the blood stream it’s supposed to alert the body to produce antibodies that protect against the tetanus bacteria if it ever presents itself.

In addition to the anti-toxin, a tetanus vaccine contains formaldehyde (preservative), thimerosal (antiseptic and antifungal containing mercury), aluminum phosphate (adjuvant), dibasic sodium phosphate (acidic medium), and sodium phosphate monobasic (fungicidal). (source). Yuck.

Besides the inherent risks of ingesting toxins like formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum, let’s discuss why these toxins are especially risky…

#3 – Vaccines may contribute to acute and chronic health issues

Vaccines are considered effective when they raise the antibody titer (the number of good guys fighting the bad). The trouble with this fact, is that all the toxic substances in the vaccine (see the partial list above) will cause a rise in antibodies, so there’s no way to ensure that these antibodies will correctly target the pathogen in question – in this case, tetanus.

When a healthy person gets sick, the body has an natural immune response which triggers the first line of defense (TH1 immune cells) that then call the second line of defense (TH2 immune cells) into action and raise the antibody response. Vaccines shortcut the initial inflammatory response and directly stimulate the TH2 response.

There are two main problems with this: 1) When the TH1 response is bypassed, the body cannot obtain lifelong immunity to that illness, and 2) there is a increased risk of autoimmune diseases because TH2 alone can overstimulate antibody production. (source)

Instead of protecting against tetanus, the elevated antibodies may create an autoimmune response where the body is actually weakened from the vaccine leading to more susceptibility to infection and chronic illness.  (source)

In a preliminary study done on eleven healthy adults, results indicated severe immune system repression after tetanus shot boosters, and shockingly “T-helper cells fell to levels found in active AIDS patients.” (source)

The point is, vaccines can wreak havoc on your immune system – exactly the opposite of what they are intended to do.

#4 – Proper wound cleaning can greatly reduce the likelihood of infection

The most important thing to do when you’ve potentially been exposed to tetanus is to fully clean the wound to reduce the potential for bacteria to enter the blood stream. Allowing the wound to bleed for a short time will help remove debris and introduce oxygen which will kill the tetanus bacteria.

Some doctors suggest using hydrogen peroxide, but washing it out with clean running water and soap can be just as effective at removing the particulate material.

You also can use colloidal silver topically on the wound to help kill bacteria. Read more about how colloidal silver works in this post.

#5 – Getting a tetanus vaccine when infected will not halt the disease

It is still possible to contract tetanus when microscopic particles of the toxin are left behind. In cases where the wound doesn’t bleed or you think you may not have gotten all debris out of the wound, you may need to get a shot.

But wait!

A tentanus vaccine takes weeks in order for your body to make sufficient antibodies (if they will even work at all). In the case of probable tetanus, you will need an anti-toxin serum called the Tetanus Immunoglobulin (TiG) shot.

Is the TiG shot safe?

The answer to that question could be a post unto itself, but for now, suffice it to say that if my child’s life was at risk, I would probably take the chances of the TiG shot – a proactive decision, rather than one made purely out of fear of a hypothetical outcome.

That said, there are a few alternatives:

The homeopathic nosode: Tetanus Tetanotoxinum is a homeopathic vaccine which you can obtain from a trained homeopathic doctor. While nosodes have no known side effects, they also aren’t backed by much research since there is no potential benefit to big pharma or other high rollers if a remedy like this proves effective.

You can read more about homeopathic vaccines in this post.

IV Magnesium: This study showed that intravenous magnesium is effective in treating tetanus as well, though I wish you luck finding a doctor who will try it if you wander into urgent care with a puncture wound.

Thankfully, it’s your choice if or when to get a tetanus shot or give this vaccine to your children, but hopefully after reading this you will feel more informed about when to get a tetanus shot or whether to get one at all.

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  1. Samantha says

    Loved the article! Thanks for the info, I got attitude from a PA at the ER a couple days ago for opting out on the tetanus vaccine for my 2 year old. She fell and cut the inside of her mouth. I thought they only offered the tetanus shot when they suspected rust or if you came in contact with metal? Neither happened. It just seems like now they are passing them around like candy. I’m still happy with our decision. :)

  2. Racquel says

    Thanks so much for this post Emily! I love reading about these things BEFORE they happen to us:) I appreciate all the research you do.

    • Ewa says

      Alin, on the top of that this year flu vaccine is GENETICALLY MODIFIED. It is better for your health to stay away from it.

      • Sybil says

        And not only are the ingredients Genetically Modified, but the flu shots also contain aborted fetal cells. That’s right! Aborted babies go into making those flue shots! Whenever you see Human Diploid Cells in the ingredient list, that’s aborted babies. What kind of sick mind comes up with this stuff. Well, it’s the very same scientists that millions of Americans trust their kids to. Need more be said? Stop following these psychos – take control of your own health.

        • Tula says

          Proof please. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Honestly, not all genetically modified things are toxic and evil. Heck, farmers have been doing it for years – you know, cross-breeding plants and such. Just because it gets done in a petri dish instead of a farm doesn’t make it evil. And aborted babies? Really? You do know that human cells can be grown in the lab, right? Sheesh. So many people willing to risk their health on unproven paranoia. There are still those claiming the whole vaccine-autism link, even though the research has been proven to be faked.

          • Anda says

            Time to educate yourself! Genetical modification is not the same what cross-breeding. Read the comparision for example here: http://www.europabio.org/what-difference-between-genetic-modification-and-conventional-breeding

            Only one study linking vaccines and autisms has been publicly been “proven to be fake”. There are lot more studdies that claim the opposit (http://www.naturalnews.com/042293_vaccines_autism_medical_studies.html). But the most trustworthy source of evidence is the testimony of parents of autistic children who have seen the link by themselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsnL9yHApIA&feature=youtu.be (Coincidence? In that case too many cases of coincidence I must say!)

            Info about use of fetal tissue in vaccines can be found for example here: http://www.chop.edu/service/vaccine-education-center/vaccine-safety/vaccine-ingredients/fetal-tissues.html

          • Lara says

            Actually Tula it’s called cross pollination, bees & animals cross pollinate plants all the time that’s why you can get so many different varieties of beans or tomatoes for example.
            Yes farms do cross pollinate but that is very different to genetically modified!
            I work on a farm, so do your research before attacking someone else’s opinion!

            Research on the link between autism and vaccinations will always be a negative ad long as those studies are government funded!

          • Dan Mac says

            On the contrary, Dr. Wakefield, who we all know lost his license to practice because of his insistence that autism is linked to vaccines…has continued to fight for the truth and has been proven to be correct. Those who prosecuted him have in fact been proven to have lied, altered data, and withheld the truth. Dig a little deeper before jumping to conclusions!

          • michellr says

            Ok first off GMO is not the same as cross breeding…second they do use aborted fetal tissue… Before you can quickly get off your high horse please do the future generations a favor and research what can hurt them…we don’t know what vaccines and GMOs are going to do to the future residents of this plant…have a open mind or come with a closed mouth

          • Sharon says

            It is common knowledge that aborted fetal cells are used in vaccines. Also there has been a flavor enhancer made using them. It is called Senomyx and you can read more about it at the Children of God website.

        • Karen Wood says

          Genetically modified is when they splice genes of unlike species together because these species (for good reason) do not naturally combine their genes in any way shape or form. Reproduced cells from aborted babies are still human cells from aborted humans. Just because it’s done unnaturally by force does not make it okay or devoid of risk (or grossness).

  3. Leah says

    I’m thankful for this article because the tetanus shot was one that we were actually considering as our child gets older due to playing outside on the farm, etc. A main concern for me though was that it is no longer offered as a single shot, but rather you have to get it as a combo…which we are NOT okay with. This article just offered a little more comfort into being okay with not getting it at all. Thank you!

  4. Kerri says

    As a child, I lost an Amish friend to tetanus. Although it is not something one hears of often, it does happen and I would encourage anyone who lives on a farm to get a vaccination.

    • says

      I agree, Kerri. I’ve never known a person who died of tetanus, but I had a baby goat who did once. Vaccinations for livestock definitely makes them less likely to become ill. And if you live on a farm… well, vaccines have their downside, certainly, but there are times when it’s the lesser of two evils.

      • John says

        What fascinating fear of life “on the farm” that is frequently showing up. Being in touch with soil and the abundant life within it is so feared. The “sterility” of a hospital or clinic can be so much more toxic than being on a farm. And what about a vaccine for city living? Now there is a market waiting to be exploited. Keep an eye and ear out for Dr.s promoting something like that very soon now! If it is the first time you venture out of that sterile city world and find yourself on a farm, that may be enough shock in itself to send your body into a reaction – likely one of joy overload. Detoxing all the accumulations of separation from life can be diagnosed as fatal in itself without a big bottle of alcohol and a small one of antidepressant. And yes, I do know that farms as many of them are devolving into, can be dangerous to one’s health. Wonderful article, by the way!

  5. says

    I used to work in laboratory medicine, and I worked with a woman who saw a young girl in Florida die from Tetanus. I don’t mess around with that stuff. I know it’s highly unlikely I or my kids would get it, but I wouldn’t want to chance it either. You also need to be careful of tetanus after bite wounds from animals, as that would of course cause a lovely environment for the tetanus to proliferate.

  6. Ana says

    A tetanus vaccine can save lives. I think this is an irresponsible article, telling people not to get potentially life-saving vaccines because of a small exposure to chemicals. Why would you risk your kids life? Toxins (like formaldehyde) are only toxic in large doses, not in small amounts. We have exposure to formaldehyde whenever we drink alcohol and no one has died from this exposure in small amounts. The risks outweigh the potential benefits by far.

    • Susan says

      How is this article irresponsible? She didn’t tell YOU not to get the shot, she suggested why SHE wouldn’t get one. Seriously, by the tone of your comment I would say you must work for Big Pharma!

      • Tula says

        Oh yes, the evil “Big Pharma”. Never mind all the lives they save or those they enable to live normally. I, personally, would not even be able to get out of bed every day if it weren’t for Big Pharma. Sorry, but food doesn’t cure everything. If it did, there would be far fewer people suffering. If you don’t like chemicals in food, don’t buy prepared foods. Learn to cook and use real ingredients and you can improve your health.

        • Jack r says

          Um pharmas Dont create cures, they create customers. Why on earth would big pharmas want to create cures to heal illnesses. If they did that then no body would get sick and wouldn’t need and more man made drugs. Therefore the big pharmas would lose out on billions and billions of dollars every year. And they couldn’t have that at all! They need to line their pockets with your sicknesses. Don’t be Silly. They couldn’t give two shit’s about your health or curing you. Its jus money money money.
          And FYI healthy food plays a major! Part in curing and preventing illnesses. Look at eastern medicine, they only use natural non gmo plants veges herbs etc and they are way healthier and live longer then people using western poison. Pick up a book, educate yourself.

          • Holly says

            That is a dumb comment. Nobody would be sick anymore? No cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sickle cell anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s, asthma, or organ failure? To name a few-none of which can be treated by food alone. My teenage son is on dialysis and will be on anti rejection medication once the transplant is done. You know of a way to do both for him without pharmaceuticals?

    • Sybil says

      I think it’s irresponsible to allow our kids to be INJECTED with toxins. Vaccines are mostly chemicals (and other unknown viruses, etc.) and now that they are combining doses, it’s not a “SMALL exposure to chemicals.” I won’t take a chance with “POTENTIALLY life saving.” I need a little more rock-solid than “potentially.” The CDC already admitted that 98 million Americans were injected with a contaminated polio vaccine that contained SV-40, a cancer virus. And the FDA says vaccines are safe. Why would I trust anything an alphabet agency tells me? The vaccine scam is unraveling before our eyes. Parents are waking up.

      Our first line of defense in fighting any disease is our digestive system. Toxins come in, the body takes charge and poops the toxins out. Ah, but when a toxin is injected, it bypasses our gut – where does it go from there? Our lymphatic system does a great job, but it’s meant to clean up toxins that were run through our immune system naturally via the digestive tract. Once a toxin is injected, the lymphatic system works over time to gather all those chemicals and then dumps them into our blood supply, where they are circulated throughout our body – including the central nervous system and brain. I choose to give my little ones a chance to develop a good immune system NATURALLY and refuse to tax my child’s immature system that way. After all, my kids have really nice brains and I aim to keep them that way. Bottom line, formaldehyde is a carcinogen. What more needs to be said about that? It’s a carcinogen. Along with formaldehyde, there’s mercury – a neurotoxin. And aluminum – a neurotoxin. Polysorbate 80 – a carcinogen (by the way, this has also been shown to affect fertility AND they add this to food – ice cream anyone?) With all the other toxins that we unwittingly take in on a daily basis, why would I willingly add one (or ten) to the list. Before you allow anyone to jab your child, check the ingredients. It’s easy to do. Check online or ask for the product insert. Vactruth.com is a good resource. Once you see the ingredients, you’ll opt out of vaccines. Our kids are worth it.

    • Gudrun says

      Ana, can you prove that the tetanus vaccine saves lives???? my friend had all his tetanus shots up to date and ended up with tetanus ! He got tetanus immune globulin and IV fluids and survived; he would have received the same treatment had he not had his tetanus prophylaxis – so what saved his life? and further more the so-called immunizations did not do any thing
      to your remark on formaldehyde and small doses, let me quote an article (http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijac/2011/797604/)
      The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has upgraded the cancer classification of formaldehyde in 2006 to now being clearly “carcinogenic to humans” (group 1) [1]. More recently, formaldehyde has been implicated by the IARC as a causative agent of leukemia as well as nasopharyngeal cancer in humans…
      what they used to test formaldehyde in alcohol was :
      the purpald test kit for use with alcoholic beverages (the test kit was originally intended for disinfectant and rinsing solutions (e.g., laundries) and aqueous solutions).
      looks to me that there was too much formaldehyde used in rinsing solutions or they would have needed a test kit
      you are talking minimal doses of formaldehyde in vaccines, but alcohol for human consumption is regulated to not exceed 0.1 mg/L a minimal dose and you would not give a child alcohol to drink, and who drinks a liter of it? also alcohol and its formaldehyde do not get injected into the muscle tissue

      if they come up with a vaccine to prevent car accidents you would get that as well, just in case! after all it could just work!

      • Kevin says

        Haha! That is great. I am so happy to find so many others as concerned as myself who are willing to think critically and do the research. personally this shit scares the hell out of me. i washed my hands of all this a few years ago because i didn’t trust anyone at all and have always been very healthy doing my own thing. Then i had a baby girl. Man oh man what a difference when you have to decide for someone else, especially a nescient child. I would like to thank all the people out there who are fact finding and sharing information and resources. Solidarity is comfort food for thought.
        I don’t know what i would do if i was alone in this but i do know i would still be terrified. Thank you all.

    • Tula says

      I agree. It’s ridiculous to paint all medications or vaccines with the “big evil” brush simply because of a few ingredients or some bad reactions by some people. We all have different body chemistry and while something may not work for you, it may be the opposite for someone else. Pushing opinion as fact doesn’t make it true.

  7. Aliyanna says

    The biggest thing that I have learned and it reassures me a lot….is that the real issue with tetnus is that when it is activated…it is usually in a deep puncture wound that doesn’t bleed much. Basically it is holding all the bad stuff inside the wound and not allowing the blood to wash it out. Unless it is a gushing wound…I tend to allow wounds to bleed for a little while to cleanse the wound of impurities that have been introduced during the injury. This keeps a lot of issues from happening…then good wound care…ie soaking regularly and keeping it bandaged and protected from more infectious contamination. The body was meant and created to heal itself…and it will. Keeping our bodies as healthy as possible and as free from toxins and antibiotics is a real start.
    Just on another note….Autism is the name for kids that are affected with their special issues….in teens and adults it shows differently but is still the same. Vaxes are causing an epidemic of autism in the young…..but what is happening to folks that are not kids isn’t mentioned….but it is sure in the news!
    Formaldehyde isn’t the only problem….and given that kids take 30+ vaxes their year…it adds up and that doesn’t count the aluminum or other components of the vax….nor does it take into consideration
    the fact of what viruses naturally do by nature…this isn’t a simple cut and dry issue. Deep nonbleeding
    puncuture wounds are the only reason for concern. Read about the disease….don’t buy the scare tactics.

  8. Charlene says

    When my oldest child was in jr high, getting ready for high school, the state insisted she get her final Tdap. It was just about the time that I was finally waking up to the dangers of all the vaccines they try to pump into us. I was torn, and not having enough knowledge under my belt to say no, I allowed it. Within a few weeks she developed Reynauds. This is an imunological disorder that makes her fingers and toes feel as though they have frostbite. As for me and my daughter… we’re certain it was from this shot.

    • Sybil says


      I speak with more and more families that have had vaccine “incidents.” Same here. I was so torn when they told me my high school age son “was required” to receive the Hepatitis B jab. I questioned it, but they pressured me so much that I finally gave in. He became sick immediately with flu like symptoms. Three weeks after his shot, we found him passed out, in a pool of vomit. From what he could remember, he had had seizures throughout the night. Two days later, test showed he had a brain tumor, but he also had unexplained contusions on both sides of his brain. We told them it was the vaccine. They told us our son was a drug user. Hahahaha! Now I’m not sure when he would have had time to do drugs, since he spent most of his time with us, but that was there defense. It’s all so criminal. And they’re getting away with it. Well, more people are waking up now.

      My son went through hell – he’s much better, but still struggles. But we’re smarter now – no more GMO’s. No more fluoridated water. And definitely no more mainstream medicine.

      Be sure to tell your story where ever you go – so more people can see the truth. Our kids deserve health. We deserve the truth.

      • Sharon says

        A few years ago, against my better judgment, I received a tetanus shot due to a dog bite (stupidly trying to break up a dogfight). Within a few months, I developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and before long I was bedridden and in horrible pain. Thank God I am doing much better now, avoiding chemicals and processed foods, etc as much as possible. Of course there is no way to prove any connection to the vaccination, but I cannot help but be highly suspicious.

  9. Tonya says

    Thanks for doing research. I took the new combo shot after our last baby was born at the strong suggestion of the Nurse. The Nurse who administered it asked me if I was sure I wanted it and I was not really wanting it at all. I went ahead and ended up very sick and back in the hospital the day I came home. I had such a high heart rate they gave me medicine to slow it down… then I had to be on IV antibiotics and pump and dump… no clue, but I did wonder if it was related to that shot.

    I was going to get my older children the shot too, but not now. I had almost forgotten about that anyway. This evidence is reassuring.

  10. alicia sterbakov says

    All these stories are gut-wrenching!!! I am literally sobbing. I am sad, disgusted & infuriated all at once that i allowed my babies to be assaulted by these poisons at the hands of doctors that i TRUSTED!! I have a 20, 13 and 2 yo. Now that i know the truth, I will die before I allow another vaccine near them!!!

    • Gudrun says

      alicia, we make decisions according to what we know at the time!
      i too used to sort of go with the general flow, believing that we needed to protect our children from horrible diseases and death – tetanus was one of the ones i agreed to; thankfully my kids are older and the onslaught of vaccines compared to today was minimal (there was no Hep B and all the other new ones they have added )
      my first born had a booster shot in middle school for tetanus, she was out for a week with a leg twice the size of normal and could not walk on it for 5 days! that was the end of me agreeing to immunizations! and i never agreed to the MMR either
      now feed your children well, boost their immune system naturally and trust in God instead of physicians and listen to your heart! do your research and teach your children! Bless you!

  11. S L E says

    Love this article! I have two active boys that never been vaccinated and they got many cuts, scratches, bruises, and a few broken bones.They play outside I never had that fear of tetanus but I know that if they get a wound I know what to look for if I think it’ll be tetanus I will use the TiG syrum or other natural methods to prevent.

  12. Aliyanna says

    For those who think that vaxes are fine…..please have a look at the many kids that are suffering because of them….including 3 of mine..they were vaxed and damaged when we adopted them.

    Tetanus is rare even on the farm…autism is not now thanks to all the vaxes kids have to take.

    I am sorry…but it seems to me that the price is just WAYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOO HIGH!!! Especially for something that doesn’t even work half the time!!!!

    • Sybil says

      Exactly Aliyanna. The risk is way too high. Sadly, we need to be aware of vaccine shedding. Simply keeping our kids vaccine-free is not enough. Those who do get vaccinated “shed” the viruses (and who knows what else), so we’re all getting poisoned even though we choose to steer clear of these poisons. We ask family and friends to inform us if they are vaccinated, so we can delay visits. The best part about this – they now are questioning the benefits of vaccines too. All we need to do is share our stories.

      • Laura says


        Can you clarify your statement about vaccine shedding: are you concerned that you and your family will be exposed to a live virus “shed” by someone who was recently vaccinated? If the entire US population were to forgo vaccinations, what would your strategy be to prevent your family from being exposed to viruses shed by infected individuals, asymptomatic or not?

        • Sybil says

          If the entire US population were to forgo vaccinations, I probably wouldn’t have to worry too much about being exposed to viruses. But that being said, I would continue my current way of living.

          I’m not a doctor and can not give advice, so I can only share what works for my family. We fuel our bodies with real food and clean water. No corporate processed foods, no GMO’s (cabbage that’s genetically altered with scorpion venom; YUM – it’s true, look it up), no pesticides, no fluoride, no chlorine, no toxic personal hygiene products, no deadly cleaning products, no plastics. Since the large corporations insist on poisoning our food, water and air (and oh boy, have they done a number on our once clean soil, water and air), I’m controlling the chemical onslaught as best I can. Hands down, I’ll stick with Mother Nature. After all, she’s a pretty cool mom. She gave us honey, ginger, coconut oil, cayenne, turmeric, onions, garlic, peppermint, sea salt, cinnamon, dandelion, nettles and on and on. I encourage all to research, research and then research some more. Do your homework and stop listening to people in white coats – or gray coats (alternative practitioners in it only for the money) for that matter.

          Our Immune systems were doing just fine before the Medical Industrial Complex took over. It’s time we all go beyond the “we need medication” mantra and get back to nature. Mother nature has all we need – well, she used to anyway – she’s hurting right now (research Fukushima radiation, leaking nuclear power plants, fracking, geoengineering (the global aerosol spraying program is killing our atmosphere), current chemical laden farming practices – AND VACCINES). The info is out there. For your kids health, for your own health and for humanity – do your research.

          Once you delve into the history of the big pandemics, you’ll see that humans can fight off disease fairly well – if left alone.

          • Laura says


            I hear you. I too want the fluorine out of my water, chemicals and pesticides out of my food, formaldehyde out of no-iron sheets other people put their babies to sleep on, and fracking banned. I invest in good foods for my family and am raising a little boy who thinks juice is a treat to have at birthday parties, because he drinks water at home.

            I said no to the rotavirus vaccine for my kids and will pass on Gardasil for my daughter (and son, at the rate the pressure to vaccinate boys is going.) My son did not receive a Hep B vaccine until he was three because our lifestyle limited his exposure early in life. I embrace all the natural remedies Mother Nature has brought us.

            But Mother Nature brought us polio too. And rubella and pertussis. Yes, some people survive these infections. And many do not. Please look back at the history of these diseases. Not on Google. In a book. In a medical textbook published when doctors worked daily treating children with polio, knowing that many of them would never walk again or live to adulthood.

            I agree that the current climate where there is a drug for everything and a name for everything that may ail one is misguided and damaging. But I don’t think its fair to discount all the AMAZING discoveries made by scientists and doctors. Certainly you would embrace all the medical technology available to you if you were seriously injured in a car accident, right? Nettles and manuka honey will not fix a crushed skull. Would you turn down life-saving treatment for a pre-term infant because the best care available is brought to you by the “Medical Industrial Complex”? Hospitals, doctors and drug companies all make money treating these problems. On the whole, doctors and scientists who work to create technology/drugs/protocols that improve or save human life are in it for the right reasons.

            As to the history of big pandemics….the flu of 1918 killed ~50 million people. How does that square with “humans can fight off disease fairly well”?

          • Melissa says

            But if you do research polio, you will also find there were a fair number of practitioners who had a nearly 100% success rate of treating patients with mega doses of vitamin C. For measles it was mega doses of vitamin A. It is well known that a persons vitamin A status is linked to how well they fight measles, and also whooping cough. There are natural ways of protecting your family if you look for them. They are well documented as well.

            All of that said, we all obviously want our children to be healthy, and happy. But there will never, ever be anything that will save 100% of our children from illness, and yes, even death. Just do your research, and do what you feel is best for your child. I know it sounds morbid, and I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, just realistic. We are all going to die at some point. Some people die from vaccinations, some people die from the illness. We are all just trying to make the best decisions for our families.

    • leanne says

      Do you or anyone else have any recommendations for detoxing or reducing the chances of reactions after the dtap shot? My sons summer camp and 6th grade entry required tetanus and so I let him get that today (booster shot. 1st shot was 10 yrs ago). I had a weird feeling in my stomach when I said yes to it, and I asked tons of questions : they said no mercury is in it, no live stuff, etc. So even though I got an exemption form for all other vacc’s, I went ahead with dtap as it sounded “safe”. Now I am ready to cry or vomit after perusing the internet trying to find out why I felt sick during his admin of shot today. =(

  13. Aliyanna says

    Sybil, it is my understanding that people that have vaxes are only shedding viruses if the vax they shed is a live virus vax. The virus inside their body is being affected by the killed virus, but the shedding isn’t an issue for people around as it was with certain live virus vaxes like polio and some DPT etc…not sure about the flu viruses.
    The big issue here, for all of us, I believe, is to be open to learning about the threats that come down the pike. We need to be humble and teachable. If we are not humble, then we will drive away the people we seek to teach.
    Not everyone has the finances to buy the foods that we wish we could. We need to do the best we can and keep trying to learn….reaching out for more knowledge and making changes as we can. The worlds’ economic structure is changing as well…and we need to adapt as well. Downward changes to
    people’s financial status, makes changes in our ability to buy what we want for our families. BUT!!! I have found that many many organic foods are not much better than what you can buy in the stores. It is a hard call when you live in the cities….so making the best choices without other folks looking down their noses at you is important.
    Life is what happens when you make other plans!!!! And shit happens!!!

  14. Jody says

    I have been doing some research, and one thing I repeatedly find is angry, mud-slinging mothers on the side of not immunizing who repeatedly characterize ALL healthcare workers, and even the general public, who disagree with them as being part of a conspiracy, out just to get their money, not caring about their health, or some other such thing. That is a broad generalization that shouldn’t be thrown at every doctor. Also, when these angry women write, they give a few cited sources, there are many other accusations and statements made that are not back up with the facts – but plenty of antidotal stories.

  15. Nicole says

    I live a holistic lifestyle, we take almost no OTC medicines, use essential oils, eat a healthy whole food diet. No one in my family takes seasonal (flu) shots. But I am scared and saddened by the self righteous mamas commenting here with their quotes from “natural news” and the like. I was trained as a scientist, and as such, find validity in scientifically rigorous, peer reviewed articles. I admire the Holistic Squid because I think she does a good job of representing her opinions. I agree that perhaps tetanus is not a critical vaccine. But MANY OF THE OTHERS ARE CRITICAL and there is a lot more evidence proving this over and over than these silly conspiracy theories that can and will be debunked. I am laughing at myself because I am about to add a link here to a huff post article, but unlike these links posted above, this article is CHOCK FULL of scientifically sound sources and even more peer reviewed sources within the sources.
    Normally I would not even bother commenting because I don’t think you across the board anti-vaxxers are open to challenging your beliefs with actual SCIENCE, but since I saw this article moments after reading all these comments, I feel it is my responsibility to BEG you all to read this article, press the links and the links within the links to see the credible sources from peer-reviewed journals, and try to keep an open mind. As the article states “the good thing about science is that it is true whether you believe it or not”. Thanks for reading and keeping an open mind.

    • leanne says

      Do you or anyone else have any recommendations for detoxing or reducing the chances of reactions after the dtap shot? My sons summer camp and 6th grade entry required tetanus and so I let him get that today (booster shot. 1st shot was 10 yrs ago). I had a weird feeling in my stomach when I said yes to it, and I asked tons of questions : they said no mercury is in it, no live stuff, etc. So even though I got an exemption form for all other vacc’s, I went ahead with dtap as it sounded “safe”. Now I am ready to cry or vomit after perusing the internet trying to find out why I felt sick during his admin of shot today. =(

  16. Elliander Eldridge says

    I have been at a 2 year community college for over 4 years full time as I worked on physics, chemistry, and biology classes. It’s taken so long because I want to be in biotechnology. Now I’m getting ready to transfer to a University in Illinois, but state law requires that all students have specific vaccinations current or they can’t attend – and the tetanus shot happens to be one of them. That never made sense to me because my choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate doesn’t put any other students add any additional or decreased risk since it’s common in the environment. The herd immunity argument doesn’t work. I happen to be allergic to a component of the tetanus vaccine, but it’s almost impossible to get a doctor to sign off on that for the medical exception. It’s an uphill battle trying to get permission to not be vaccinated even as an adult especially when you are trying to better yourself.

  17. Tom says

    I will never get any kind of vaccination again!!! I cut my hand 2days ago and required stitches. The nurses asked me numerous times if I have ever got a teranus shot. I agreed to get one thinking it’s maybe like a flu shot. No serious or even common side effects were discussed. A few hours after getting home I started feeling sick. I ended up puking up my antibiotic and my pain pill. After that I felt alittle better. The next day I was sick all day. Trying to go to sleep every time I closed my eyes it felt like the room was spinning. I was throwing up until after midnight. Looking online the nausea and dizziness are very common like 1 in 3. These nurses never even mentioned that. I would have never agreed had I known that. Woke up this morning in pain. My shoulder where they gave me the shot is sore. My joints hurt. That is the last vaccination of any kind I will ever get! I still can’t hold down any food and still feel dizzy even when lying down!

  18. Donna says

    I was injured by a Tetanus shot back in 2008. Four days after a routine booster my armed swelled to half a softball and I begin a whole chain of strange things happening that very same day. I had a pressure down my arm and across my back and a tingling on my spine. I had the feeling like I had two baseballs in the back of my head and tingling over my head. My throat felt tight and I had trouble getting food down and felt like it was stuck. I eventually developed dry heaves and retching out of the blue because of the feeling on the soft palate of my throat, which feels like it was being pulled up. This lasted severely for months and it took years for it to subside enough for me to feel normal. No doctors believed me of course, but there was no other explanation since it all happened on the same day my arm swelled from the shot. One neurologist did inform me that tetanus shots can damage cranial nerves, but he never saw a case in which those being damaged, like the vagus nerve, that would have been causing my symptoms, but if it can damage one nerve why not the other. My gastroenterologist said the shot could have awoken some neurological condition that was already present but not active. I will never get another vaccine again because I can possibly be cured of tetanus, but when you are damaged by the shot no one can help you. I still get flare ups 6 years later with food not going down and dry heaves out of no where, and when this is happening I can still feel the tenderness at the spot on my spine where the initial tingling was and pressure in the base of my brain.

  19. says

    WTF I am not getting this shot screw that!!!!! plus I am already afraid of needles sooo not happening NEVER EVER HAPPENING!!!! btw if ur going to become a pet groomer out of high school GO WERE U DON’T NEED THE DAMN SHOT!!

  20. alexandra says

    I think for many of us the question is what are alternative, effective ways of treating a lot of these issues. I have found the work of two doctors: Suzanne Humphries and Tetyana Obukhanych very helpful. They both probe deeply into actual causes and are unearthing proven ways of preventing fatalities. For example, it turns out that many people were infected with polio, but a very small percentage became crippled. Tetyana’s research found that in the areas where there was paralysis, there were high levels of DDT. DDT undermines the part of the immune system that fights of bacteria and viruses. Humphries is finding research that children who are replete with Vitamin A and C, do not develop fatalities from measles. It turns out that measles uses up tons of vitamin A ; this is what can lead to blindness. Children who were administered very high doses of vitamin A, like 400,000 IU, didn’t develop secondary infections which result in complications. Humphries also has a protocol for using frequent dosing of vitamin c for whooping cough. Worth checking out their work.

  21. fay says

    Not sure if I’m the right person to suggest people should get vaccinated or not. I have some kind of tetanus phobia though, and I’ll take my chances with the vaccine though it sounds really scary itself. :( I got a cut a week ago though really small, and after few days of tingling in that arm now I am having muscle spasms; don’t know if it’s just me being paranoid. I wish there was safer prevention.

    • Lina says

      Symptoms generally start in the facial muscles or with locking of the jaw musculature (regardless of the entry site, as the bacteria have an effect on the nervous system in general). If you cleaned your wound properly with soapy water and betadine, it’s highly unlikely that you are infected.

      On another note, I would never risk my child’s life because of my own fear of vaccines. Check out the tetanus vaccination history from the first world war for example. Saved a lot of American soliders’ lives! Tetanus has a very high mortality.

  22. joe mon says

    Nobody has ever died from tetanus, the injections are a mix of chemicals to increase the aging process. The stories you hear are just that.

  23. Samantha says

    I’m all for not getting a vaccine for something I know my body can fight off on its own, like the flu. I eat healthy I am healthy and that is a privilege I don’t take for granted, when I do get sick I stay home away from other, potentially less healthy, people and I let my body do its thin. But when it comes to other diseases I KNOW could kill me, I get vaccinated because as I mentioned before, I don’t take my health for granted because I wasn’t always so lucky. So I hope all of you anti-vaccination people have enough sense to get vaccines for life threatening and contagious illnesses, because sure you may not die from the debilitating illness and after some time of going through agony, you MAY be able to fight it off and develop an immunity. But for many people (mainly young children) who have; cancer, serious allergies, AIDS or are new born, cannot get vaccinated and by you (a healthy person who has no logical reason to not get vaccinated) not getting vaccinated, become a carrier for this disease and can kill these people. Read this woman’s story, because that situation that I just laid out is not hypothetical. Vaccinate yourself and your kids because we have the privilege to do so, while other people lay suffering from completely preventable diseases.

  24. Sherri says

    You mention the tetanus nosode, which would require a visit to a homeopathic physician for most people. Why don’t you also include the homeopathic remedy, Ledum? It is also known to prevent tetanus and is the go-to remedy for puncture wounds, animal bites, spider bites, etc. You can pick it up at most health food stores. I carry it in my purse at all times, since it will also immediately stop the poison from fire ant bites. Get the 200c potency. We have lived on a farm with 3 very active boys who have never had the tetanus shot. Ledum has taken care of every instance…several of which did require stitches.

  25. Marilie says

    I just had a cut from a tile we used as a stepping object in our garden. Yes it is somewhat covered in soil. It is just actually a 2 smal cuts. But i was afraid after searching what causes theta. It said it’s usually from soil manur and dirt. After reading this article Im confused whether to get a shot or not? Can someone help please? If you wanna see my wound to help decide msg me in fb marilie pajo or email me @ mariaangelieinal@yahoo.com :( help please :(

  26. Jen says

    I’m not a fan of vaccinations in general, but having suffered a “mild” case of tetanus I make the exception here. I was lucky I was vaccinated around 10 years earlier (as a child, out of my control) & this was probably the reason my symptoms were so “mild” (believe me if you or your child get this disease “mildly” it won’t feel “mild”!!!! It’s a horrible, horrible illness!)

    You talk of natural immunity in unimmunised populations, well I too have this & I put it down to the tetanus case I had, despite the claims it’s not possible. I know I’m immune because since I’m against vaccines but was terrified of getting this disease again, I saw my doctor & asked if it was possible to test my immunity rather than giving a booster vaccination (this was over 25 years after my last shot). He agree & the blood test came back showing antibody levels so high that I would not need another booster for over 200 years.

    If you don’t want to vaccinate your kids because you believe they’re naturally immune, please see your doctor & ask him/her to carry out the blood tests to check tetanus anti-body levels. That way you can make an informed choice. (even if the doctor is pro-vaccination they should be happy to do the testing if you tell them you’ll vaccinate if the levels are low, you don’t have to follow through, but it should make them agree to test)

    Immunisation won’t stop tetanus, you’re totally right in that. Good wound management is even more important than vaccination but you know what, you won’t always be in a situation where you can properly clean & oxygenate a wound.

    I suffered a deep puncture wounds to my thigh from a large (so long toothed) dog. It didn’t bleed due to the tissue protruding from & blocking the wound entry. There was simply no way of getting any cleaning product into the full depth of the wound without proper medical treatment (anesthetising & cutting into it), which unfortunately was delayed for many hours (through a series of events that I won’t go into or I’ll be writing a book) & I wasn’t offered Tetanus Immunoglobulin (suspect it wasn’t available in the small facility I ended up being treated in). I always thought I was well prepared & educated, but life doesn’t always go to script, bizarre events can occur & catch anyone out. In hindsight I now believe Tetanus immunisation is a worthwhile insurance policy & I wouldn’t hesitate to vaccinate against this one (not ADT) if my blood tests showed my immunity level was too low for basic protection.

    Please get your kids immunity levels tested!

    BTW, there’s also good indications IV vitamin C would make a good treatment (and possible preventative if circumstances mean you have access to it, which murphies law says you won’t) http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD006665.pub3/abstract but honestly, you’ll never forgive yourself if you have to watch your child suffereing from this disease. Surviving it is not equal to avoiding the unimaginable symptoms it gives. Textbooks write about it, but they don’t touch on what it’s actually like to experience & I’m not going to try to describe it here, because there just are no words for it

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