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Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Perfect Mashed Potatoes - Holistic Squid

Confession: I secretly love powdered instant mashed potatoes. I know, I know. Gross. I'm simply going to blame this on growing up in Pennsyltucky in the 80's. Come holiday time, my poor grandma had to covertly peel and boil the real potatoes while hiding behind a box of Hungry Jack. And des ... [Read More...]

Are Mandatory Flu Shots Un-American?

Are Mandatory Flu Shots Un-American? - Holistic Squid

I recently had a conversation with a woman who works as a nutritionist at a large university in Los Angeles. A holistic-minded mom with two young children, she had no interest in getting a vaccine against the flu, but mandatory flu shots are part of the job. Or... she could walk around campus with ... [Read More...]

Tuscan Kale Salad

Paleo Tuscan Kale Salad - Holistic Squid

Food trends come and go, and whether it's a fad or here to stay, these days folks love kale. Kale salads, kale chips, kale stir fries, kale smoothies. You name it, and kale is in it. It's a full-blown kale-bonanza. Naturally a bit fickle, I wasn't fast to jump on the kale-loving band wagon unt ... [Read More...]

Is Leaky Gut Syndrome making you fat, tired, and sick?

Is Leaky Gut Syndrome Making You Tired, Fat, and Sick? - Holistic Squid

Do you ever just feel ick, blah, BLECH? I know way too many folks who go through their day to day feeling exhausted and unwell on a regular basis with headaches, mood swings, digestive upset and more. Days like this can snowball, and before you know it, you start to look pudgy and your clothes fit ... [Read More...]

Chocolate Tahini Truffles

Chocolate Tahini Truffles + A Giveaway! - Holistic Squid

Having just disappeared the last of the junky trick-or-treat candy, my sweet tooth is a bit disappointed. So much temptation, but despite the promising brightly wrappers, I find conventional candy to be deeply unsatisfying. Enter - these chocolate tahini truffles that I discovered in a brand n ... [Read More...]

UTI Remedies that Really Work

UTI Remedies that Really Work - Holistic Squid

Few things in life are more annoying, uncomfortable and even painful than a urinary tract infection (UTI). They can also cause some very serious consequences if not promptly treated, such as impaired kidney function or even a life-threatening infection. It’s important to understand what causes a ... [Read More...]

Join Me in Support of the Real Food Culture Kitchen

RFCK Kickstarter - Holistic Squid

Anyone who has been tuned-in to Holistic Squid knows that I eat, live, and breathe for REAL food for the health and goodness it brings to my life and those around me. I’m fortunate to have found a great community of like-minded, inspiring folks. So, I was super excited to hear about a brand-new ... [Read More...]

Why Common Stomach Flu Remedies Can Makes Things Worse – and What to do Instead

Why Common Stomach Flu Remedies Can Makes Things Worse – and What to do Instead - Holistic Squid

As a kid, every time I was sick in bed, I remember sipping ice-cold ginger ale or juice through a straw or slurping on brightly colored popsicles. Unfortunately (and despite my mother's best intentions - thanks, Mom!) these common stomach flu remedies can actually make things worse. For starters, ... [Read More...]