Mexican Street Corn Salad

Mexican Street Corn Salad

Late summer is one of the best times of year for recipes laden with sun-ripened fruits and veggies. This Mexican street corn salad is one of my favorite ways to eat one of my favorite foods - summer corn. When I was a kid, school never started in August, and summer most certainly didn't end then either. The last weeks of August, when summer was winding down, always held the most nostalgic feelings of the season for me. The food echoed this, and the peaches, tomatoes, and corn were the … [Read More...]

Sourdough Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Sourdough Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins - Holistic Squid

[Emily's note: Naomi is at is again with her sourdough goodness! If you haven't seen the other posts in this series (and especially if you feel the teesiest bit intimidated by sourdough - start here.] While we usually think of sourdough in terms of bread, sourdough fermentation can be applied to a number of different flour based goods, such as pancakes and muffins, like these sourdough lemon poppy seed muffins. Using a slow fermentation always makes me feel like I am doing less work … [Read More...]

What Would Emily Do (7/29)

What Would Emily Do (7/1) - Holistic Squid

The picture above is the view from my favorite local hike. After three and a half miles of hot and hilly fire roads, the reward is this stunning view. Ahhh. Anyway, let’s answer some of your questions… My inbox runneth over with questions from readers wondering – What would Emily do – about Real food and […]

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Gestational Diabetes Test Alternatives?

Gestational Diabetes Test Alternatives - Holistic Squid

When I got pregnant with my first child, I began reading about all of the things I should avoid eating, drinking, or doing while pregnant. And I started wondering why those things were safe when I wasn’t pregnant (turns out most of them aren’t). I stopped drinking soda entirely, avoided food and drinks that had artificial […]

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Zucchini Spinach Salad with Chicken

Zucchini Spinach Salad with Chicken - Holistic Squid

  I often hesitate to post about anything other than fantastic desserts, because it seems as though most readers prefer the fantasy of sweets over dinner ideas. But this simple yet flavorful zucchini spinach salad is too good not to share. I spent the last four months working on getting healthier and slimming down for summer. Along […]

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What Would Emily Do (7/8)

What Would Emily Do? Q&A with Holistic Squid

My inbox runneth over with questions from readers wondering – What would Emily do – about Real food and holistic health topics. I’ve created this Q&A to get your questions answered and for other folks to benefit from the answers too. But before we get started today… SB277 ALERT: If are concerned about the recent […]

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Nourishing Sourdough Pancakes

Nourishing Sourdough Pancakes - Holistic Squid

[Emily’s note: You guys! I’m so excited to share Naomi’s recipe for sourdough pancakes – YUM! If you’ve been following along, this is the third post in our sourdough series. Click to read about the health benefits of sourdough and how to make a sourdough starter. Enjoy!] Pancakes are one of those quintessential comfort breakfast […]

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Grilled Peaches and Halloumi

Grilled Peaches and Halloumi - Holistic Squid

Summertime is my favorite time of year by far, and nothing beats fresh, ripe summer fruit that tastes of the hot sunshine and earth that grew it. This recipe for grilled peaches with halloumi cheese combines some of the best things in life – summer bounty and grillable cheese. YUM. Growing up we grilled the standard […]

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