Do you want to make a baby?


Seems simple enough, right?

Birds, bees. Sperm, egg.

Everything comes together and nine months later – BOOM.

Baby in the baby carriage.

For many couples, babies just happen.

Others meet with disappointment and frustration.

Did you know that what you eat months before you conceive will effect your baby’s health and gene expression? That puts a whole new spin on the prenatal diet, eh?

Did you know that waiting to having babies may greatly decrease your likelihood to conceive – even with the wonders of modern medicine?

Whether you’re just starting to think about kids, or have been trying to conceive for awhile with no luck, I want to help to make it easier.

At Holistic Squid, I cover topics from what to eat to optimize fertility to natural treatment for conditions like PCOS, recurrent miscarriages, and poor sperm quality.

In my posts, I bring over eight years of clinical experience to my insatiable desires to learning and help couples to have the family they envision. Think of me as your new (and hopefully greatly improved) sex ed teacher.

I aim to take the confusion out of baby making.

Here are some posts to get you started:

How to Get Pregnant (Make sure you’ve got the basics!)

Unexplained Infertility (Solutions for when your doctor has no explanation)

The #1 Way to Increase Fertility with Food

40 Fertility Super Foods (You may be surprised by this list!)

Is Infertility on the Rise? (Or are women just waiting too long to have babies?)

The Outlandish Alternative to Prenatal Vitamins (Get started well before you conceive!)

Feed Your Fertility eBook - Holistic Squid Coming soon!

Feed Your Fertility…

I’ve teamed up with Laura Erlich, LAc, another expert on fertility, to bring you this guide to optimizing your fertility through real food, Chinese medicine, and healthy living.

Print and ebook to be released Spring 2015.

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Like What You've Read?
Subscribe to Holistic Squid by email and never miss a post!

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