Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

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Is Colloidal Silver Safe? - Holistic Squid

For centuries, silver has been used to ward off sickness and infection, but should this precious metal have a place in the modern-day natural health arsenal? Is colloidal silver safe?

My experience with colloidal silver

Until a few years ago, I had been suspicious of all the hype around colloidal silver.

Then, when my son was around four, he developed a run-of-the-mill pre-school cough. I treated it with my usual bag of tricks – Chinese herbs, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and dietary modifications.

He responded well, but before he was completely recovered he went on a two week trip with Daddy to England, and the herbs were forgotten. When they returned, the cough was still lingering. It wasn’t deep or alarming, just nagging and disruptive.

My remedies were taking the edge off but not clearing up the cough. I was perplexed.

So upon the recommendation of our holistic pediatrician, I decided to give colloidal silver a try. I was amazed by how quickly and thoroughly my son’s cough resolved. I began to think that colloidal silver may not be mere snake oil after all. But I still wondered, is colloidal silver safe?

A quick history of colloidal silver

In this interesting article about the history of colloidal silver, I learned that silver has been used to prevent and treat infection long before the discovery of germs.

Ancient Romans and Greeks stored perishables in silver containers so they would not spoil.

European royalty were often referred to as  “blue bloods” in part because their frequent use of silver goblets, plates, and utensils gave their skin a bluish cast and – according to several sources – may have helped them to avoid common illness. (source)

Since the early 1800’s, silver was effectively and commonly used as an antibiotic substance. The shelf-life of early liquid silver preparations was very short, so physicians needed to mix the solutions to order for injection or ingestion.

With the discovery of sulfa drugs and penicillin, silver quickly took a back seat to the newer drugs that were easier to use and seemingly more effective.

Now due to the concern over the antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and health risks of the antibiotics themselves, more and more holistically-minded folks are turning to colloidal silver once again.

How does silver fight infection?

Silver works as a potent antibiotic substance because when silver ions are absorbed into single-cell bacteria or fungus they interfere with cellular energy production and kill the organism.

The metabolism of these single-celled organisms is different than that of human cells, which explains why silver is not toxic to humans but can wipe out other micro-organisms.

Silver has been shown in clinical studies to kill MRSA, Avian Flu, and SARS among more common, everyday infections of the sinuses, eyes, skin, and upper respiratory tract. Silver can even irradiate some antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. (source)

Silver cannot distinguish, however, between beneficial bacteria and harmful microorganisms, so much like antibiotics it is important to take care not to overuse silver.

Is all colloidal silver the same?

Trying to get to the bottom of this question is like trying to research the best water filter. (If you ever have done so, you know what I mean.)

There are various types of products on the market all labeled as colloidal silver – all touting the benefits and low to non-existent risk of their products, all with their own ‘research’ to back their claims.

Here’s what I know:

Colloidal means that there are particles suspended in the liquid. You don’t want these particles to be too large because the “silver proteins” cannot be utilized by the body due to poor surface area.

Some say that silver ion suspension is just as effective as colloidal silver, whereas others claim that silver ion solutions are a weak alternative to the real deal.

According to Joe Mercola, in true colloidal silver “the majority of the silver content is in the form of silver particles with between 50 to 80 percent particles, while the balance will be silver ions.” (source)

Will colloidal silver turn me blue?

Will Colloidal Silver Turn Me Blue? You may indeed turn bluish-grey if you ingest too much large-particle silver protein. This condition, called argyria, is not treatable or reversible and does not have any other known symptoms.

Aside for argyria, excessive consumption of colloidal silver is said to run the risk of kidney damage and neurological problems. After searching extensively, I could find no reports of these issues. Colloidal silver products may also interact with some medications.

You can tell a silver protein solution because it foams when shaken, is usually darker in color, and usually has a very high concentration – typically in the range of 30 to 20,000 ppm. Avoid silver protein. (source)

So is colloidal silver safe?

Personally, I’m not greatly concerned about the risks of turning into a large Smurf or the other vague health risks given for colloidal silver. You can do quite a bit of damage if you ingest too much of anything including aspirin, table salt, or even water.  It seems to me that you would have to try really hard to injure yourself with this substance.

If overdose still concerns you though, you can find out how to calculate a safe dose here.

My bigger concern is how colloidal silver affects the gut flora when ingested on a regular basis. While silver is not as much of an atomic bomb as antibiotics, it is a broad spectrum antimicrobial substance. Silver ions cannot distinguish “good” flora from “bad” flora – so any microbe that is sensitive to silver will be killed by it.

For local, topical use on cuts and burns, as an eye drop for eye infections, or for an occasional nasal wash for a stubborn sinus infection, colloidal silver seems smart. This is the brand of colloidal silver we use at my house.

When it comes to deciding on  a daily dose of colloidal silver, personally, I skip it. At this time, there’s inadequate understanding about colloidal silver to know for sure if it will adversely affect the body’s defenses in the long run.

I’d prefer to allow my immune system to flex and grow under the guidance of Real food and a few choice immune boosting supplements. Colloidal silver can stand guard in my medicine cabinet for when my body needs stronger reinforcements.

What about you?

Do you use colloidal silver on a regular basis?

Or save it for when your body really needs some extra help?


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  1. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! We’ve been using it in spray form a lot lately, as I have a child with a compromised immune system. I haven’t read a lot of solid articles, and I have ascribed to a similar opinion. It’s been in our arsenal of immune boosting products for over a year now, and it’s one of the easiest supplements to get into my kids.

    • Perry Stamos says

      Colloidal silver kills flu, colds, fungus, … its absolutely amazing stuff. Now they add it to antibiotics to kill antibiotic resistant MRSA in India. And, guess what, its not the antibiotic that’s killing the MRSA, its the colloidal silver.

      I think the best brand is from Advanced Silver company, but any ionic colloidal silver will do.

      • Nikki says

        I’ve been giving my six month old silver water in her nose for congestion. I just found out that I can ingest it for flues and colds!! I replied to your comment because it was coincidence that we have the same last name. You don’t here it too often. Take care.

    • jade says

      I am a registered nurse and today I had a female patient, who’s skin is permanently blue due to collodial silver. There is no medical benefit in taking this product.

      • cherykie says

        I have made my own colloidal silver for the past 15 yrs or so, and my skin has not the slightest tinge of blue. C.S. is probably one of the most effective antibiotics in the world today. Just because it isn’t on the list of money makers by some big name Pharma company does not mean it is not effective or is dangerous. Your patient has no doubt ingested silver for a length of time that was either in a compound or the particles were too large to pass through the capillaries. Ask your patient what was her source of silver , and if she made it herself, did she use only distilled water. Silver will bind with minerals in regular or spring water and make the silver unable to pass through the system, thus building up in the tissue and causing the blue color, which is only cosmetically unpleasing, not dangerous. You say there is no medical benefit? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

        • Richard says

          Yeah it is almost criminal to deny colloidal silver to patients with infections that are not responding to man made drugs. But they do it and they collect their weekly paycheck without remorse.

          • Jack says

            Janie, I have been using Silver Biotics manufactured by Advanced Biotech Labs for neigh on to two years now, and I haven’t noticed sweating more than usual – but I only sweat during the humid summer months anyway – but not more than usual.

      • says

        I beg to differ. I have tried and prevailed so many times with colloidal silver. My sis in law owns mini horses and uses them for therapy to cancer hospitals in South Florida. Memorial Day weekend the vet was out of town. One of the horses had this horrid boil/puncture wound? on his jaw. It was Thursday and I administered colloidal silver on this huge open wound with some infection starting. Spraying the area several times, I left the bottle of CS to be applied as often as possible. I was able to come back on Tuesday of the next week & to everyone’s amazed thrill the grapefruit sized wound was about the size of a quarter. Healed amazingly. I do not exaggerate. I have had kitties with ear yuck infection, and all four kitties one by one got this in their ears only to see the infection gone by day two. The many other times on me & my children are too numerous to count. I am not “blue” but blessed by CS~

        Oh & btw. My sis in law who owns the horses had surgery on her stomach shortly after the horse incident, and her band aids the hospital put on her had CS on them. She is hooked on the stuff & knows it worked for her & was prescribed by the hospital.

      • Kay Lang says

        Collodial Silver is the best antibiotic I ever used. I have used it for many years only when needed. It clears up infections inside the body and outside the body. I would think it might become less effective if overused.

      • Chris P says

        If she was blue from taking it, why was she taking it if it “had no medical benefit” – did she say?

      • Nikki says

        Any medical professional would be against a cure, just because it would leave them with no job security. Dr’s and nurses have a lot to learn outside of the government taught medical schools. Remember, you are trained in MEDICINE, nothing else.

      • WadeHawk says

        PROPOGANDA! There has only been less than a few cases of argyria ever, I am calling BS on your post. If I am wrong then prove it.

        “There is no medical benefit in taking this product.”

        That is just a flat out lie, I doubt you are even a Nurse, because a real Nurse would know better than to spout such nonsense. Hospitals themselves use CS, and here you are telling people it has no medical benefit.

        To the other people, the best CS is not bought anywhere on this Planet, it is made by the user as it’s needed, fresh is always better than old bought CS.

        • Dorothy Bridgers says

          Sorry, but this is a serious subject. I did may hours of research before putting any “cure” in my body.

      • Rose says

        Just because her skin is blue doesn’t mean there is no medical Dumb ass. Enjoy life being dumbed-down. She probably took the ionic silver which binds to the cells and accumulates whereas colloidal silver’s nanoparticles does not bind to the cells and is flushed out of the system, thus no blue remains. Get your facts straight before you babble. Just because you are a nurse doesn’t mean you know a thing.

      • Polly says

        You would have to ingest a large quantity of silver to turn blue. People in the medical profession are brainwashed. They aren’t looking for a cure or they would be out of a job. Anything that remotely has a chance to cure a disease is frowned upon. Doctors get big bucks for prescribing toxic addictive man made chemically laden medicine to their patients. They don’t want to cure disease. Only prolong it. You need to throw that nursing certificate away and start helping people and quit prolonging their agony.

      • Yea Right says

        Nice to see the medical industry shills are active in the comments section. Folks, please ignore Jane’s comment. By us utilizing natural cures, they lose a TON of $$$$.

  2. Jace says

    My husband was diagnosed with shingles last year and the first thing I did was send him out to buy some colloidal silver. The spread of the rash stopped the second he started taking it, and he was fully recovered within a few weeks. He had never had shingles before, and no one he knew ever had, so I think for a while he really thought it was a diagnosis on par with the common cold :) But since then he’s talked to a lot of people who also experienced shingles, and it’s finally dawning on him just how lucky he was – both with how mild his symptoms were, and how quickly he recovered.
    I recommend it to people suffering from any ailment, especially complications from a compromised immune system (up to and including people who complain about it within earshot, whether they’re friends or complete strangers!)

  3. Katherine says

    I have two autoimmune issues so getting a bug can really throw my body out of whack for longer than the average person. I also happen to be an elementary school teacher. Who works with every grade K-5 on any given day. :) C.S. has made a big difference in how out of control my symptoms can get. I don’t take it daily, but I take it whenever I feel something coming on. I have found it to be helpful and I’ll definitely keep it on hand. I have also used it to heal burns (I mixed it with a bit of honey and a drop of lavender and bandaged it all up, the next morning, no evidence of a burn!), and when I get glutened. I develop a rash after being gluten bombed, and this helps with the itching and it seems to heal faster.

  4. says

    Great article! I shared it on FB. CS is a fabulous remedy for pink eye and ear infections. I didn’t know you could use it topically. My dad used to make his own CS and take it multiple times per day. He now has permanently blue fingernails (well, the skin underneath anyway)…

    • danielle says

      Can you tell me how you use the cs for pink eye? My 1 year old has it I think, as well as my 3 year old now and REALLY don’t want to put them on antibiotics. Thanks!

    • nikki says

      how would I use it for ear and eye infections? Drops directly in the ear canal or eye? How do you determine the amount of drops per each person? Please and thank you!

  5. Tiffany says

    It surely can be dangerous. The very nature that argyria is irreversible should tell people that it stores in tissue. It can cause neurological damage, kidney damage, seizures, headaches. It can interfere with a whole host of prescription medications like antibiotics, thyroid medication, RA meds…Want silver? Take it in its natural trace amounts in himalayan salt along with all the other trace minerals that naturally come along with it… want more information and an actual case study?

    • says

      Hi Tiffany – I don’t discount the need for caution, but the man in that case study “ingested approximately 16 ounces (~ 450 ml) of 450 ppm colloidal silver three times a day for 10 months”. That’s SIX CUPS per day – a MASSIVE amount of silver. He was also making his own, which according to my research tends to result in silver protein suspension, not true colloidal silver.

      • Christel says

        Bertena, if I had blue nails or blue anything I would use bentonite Clay to pull out the metal and detox. I like LL Magnetic Clay brand. The clay really does work!! You need to make sure to get your body to an alkaline state so it can work the best! I know your comment is super old but hopefully you get the message or found the clay already!

    • Polly says

      If it interferes with prescription meds then quit taking them. I would take the silver over any pills any day.

  6. Terri says

    We have been using CS for 7 years now, on an as needed basis. However the 86 year old lady who makes it for us has been using it for decades on a daily basis…she’s not yet turned into a smurfette! It needs to be made with “distilled” water! Made with any other water and yes, you just might turn blue!

  7. kiley says

    Do you have a reliable source for CS?

    My son has had a lingering cough for months and none of my natural remedies are working. We are trying grape root extract right now but cs may be the trick.

    • Heather Chupp says

      When one of my children was 2, she would have this crazy night time cough that would keep her awake all night – but she didn’t have it during the day. After a trip to a ped lung Doc, who declared she had asthma, I sought alternative treatment and was given a solution of silver (drops) and a powder probiotic. I followed the prescription for about 6 weeks. We did have to give her singulair, but only while symptomatic. She is now 10 and rarely has any problems (I can’t remember the last time she did.). I think with every year her problems were less and less. What I believe caused the coughing was due to a lot of illness/antibiotic use as an infant that grew nasty bacteria in her lungs. The silver helped kill and the probiotic helped restore the good guys! YAY!

      • Jenna says

        This is exactly what we are dealing with in my 5 yo daughter. She got diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. Nothing we tried helped. We did start her in singular but she is still coughing a lot. I am researching CS. What dose did you give and how often?

  8. says

    I now swear by CS!!!!!

    I had never tried it until I had an abscessed tooth last summer. I had been taking antibiotics for the infection and it was not helping at all. After taking the full 10 day course of antibiotics, I still felt run down and just plan gross. Thankfully my MIL said that I should try CS. Within 2 days of starting CS I was feeling better and my jaw pain was starting to be relieved.

    I am now using CS gel for cuts and burns, as well as anytime I am not feeling just right. I have been suggesting it to family and friends who are getting this nasty bug that is going around and it is helping them recover. I have yet to get the nasty bug and I work in an office with people that seem to keep giving to each other, well except for me!!!! :)

  9. Shelly says

    I used Silver Biotics. I used in on myself, my husband and our animals. This is the first year that my cats didn’t get their routine Winter eye colds. Last Winter once again they did and I used in their eyes when nothing else worked, including vet medicine for the eyes. I am so happy to report :) it killed off what might have been hibernating within their eyes/body all these years. The Winter weather has been the same. I worked for a doctor and he sold it in his office and had good results with his patients who use of it. This brand will not turn you gray/blue.

  10. says

    We use collodial silver when the kids have been exposed to something or are coming down with something. It has worked wonderful to clear up pink eye over night etc. I believe it is if you are taking over 1 oz. daily that you need to supplement with a probiotic. You do need to buy from a reputable company. I recommend Utopia Silver or Mesosilver.

  11. LA says

    We use colloidal silver regularly in our house. We use it for eye infections, sore throats, cuts, etc. It’s amaing and I wish more people would understand it’s incredible benefits, rather than not doing their research and claiming they’ll turn into an umpa lumpa. We don’t drink it, we just use it for more topical reasons. Great blog post!

    • deirdre says

      Hi – my 6 yr old started getting a stuffy nose just yesterday and by last night he was miserable, and today he’s got a deep cough. I’d like to supplement the Elderberry syrup I’m giving him with Colloidal Silver — do you have a dosage or specific remedy?


  12. Patrice says

    In the 90’s I made & used colloidal silver & the results were good. A friend had an imbalance in his ears that would make him so dizzy, he couldn’t stand or walk around without feeling nauseous. He made & used the colloidal silver & it was the only thing that helped him. By making it yourself, you really don’t know how to determine the strength of your batch & I believe that can differ from batch to batch.. It is very cheap to make though.
    While I believe it is very helpful, it is still a considered a metal. Around 2003 or 2004, I did a 21 day fast & for the first four to six days there was the worst metallic taste in my mouth. My body was getting rid of all the silver that I had ingested & the taste was terrible. Safe, maybe for short times, but not for constant use. I also wonder about what it does to ones stomach, I have had leaky gut syndrome & stomach issues quite a bit. I thank the Lord for healing me.

    • says

      Patrice, I know your comment is over a year old so I’m hoping you’ll see it and maybe respond. I have been dealing with a weakness in my right ear for 4 months now which also causes dizziness and nausea. A friend of mine suggested trying colloidal silver and I would love to try it if it will really help my ear weakness. I’d love to know more information about your friend who had the ear weakness and it helped. Thank you!!

    • Warren says

      You use a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter to determine the strength of your colloidal silver. It also sounds like you were taking way too much daily, if those were the results you were getting. The point is in small quantities, with correctly made colloidal silver, you body will be able to pass it. If your usage is too high, or incorrectly made and didn’t use distilled water, or including salts to help the reaction, that is when you can get silver buildup in your body.

  13. Jim Fowler says

    I use zinc the same way that silver is used with similar results. I have used it for 25 years with no ill effects. It really helps to use it at the very first signs of illness. Zinc Sulfate and also Copper Sulfate both seem to be powerful antivirals. Copper Sulfate should only be used topically and diluted, not internally. I have always herd that silver was traditionally the only cure for syphilis before antibiotics.

  14. says

    I have used and given out CS for over 12 years and am constantly amazed at how effective it is. I only use it as a preventative when I know I will be exposed to large numbers of people from various regions (Airports, Airplanes, parties etc). I have shared it with friends who are on Chemo to help them ward off bacteria and viruses while their own immune system is weak.
    Very effective for keeping your teeth clean (kills plaque) and for keeping your dogs breath clean.
    Also known to be very effective against Lyme’s disease especially helpful with Spring around the corner.
    Never have taken the Flu vaccine, rely on CS ( I would venture to say it is more effective than the shot).

  15. violet says

    I wondered about oregano oil capsules doing the same thing to gut flora. I don’t think it can distinguish between good and bad bacteria and just kills everything. :/

  16. Lisa G says

    We have used Nutronix silver solution for years and never would use it daily. Just when something is coming on. I have given it to my children and my husband. Their website has a lot if info and really helped us. But we do strengthen our immune systems naturally with real food and supplements, and keep a bottle, actually a few, for backup.

  17. says

    My family lived in Africa for years in an area where malaria was endemic. We used silver prophylactically for about three years, successfully (no malaria). We made it with rain water, so it was most definitely the protein silver variety, but none of us turned blue, and none of us got malaria even though we were taking it daily.

  18. says

    I had cellulitis that tested positive for MRSA two years ago, and was hospitalized for 5 days. I was given huge doses of very powerful antibiotics that got rid of most of it, but some of the swelling still remained, even after I finished taking all the antibiotics. I didn’t know what to do, but someone my dad knew gave me a bottle of homemade colloidal silver and told me to drink an ounce a day and use it topically as often as I remembered to do it. Within a week, the swelling went away completely, and since then, anytime I have a wound that threatens to become infected, I apply it topically and haven’t had an infection since.

  19. Mikki says

    I was wondering if you could address the things I’ve heard about it acting like a heavy metal in the body. I’ve heard Sally Fallon herself recommends avoiding its use, but so many of my real food friends use it in large quantities…it’s confusing! Here’s an article I googled that talks about it a little. Thoughts??

    • says

      Hi Mikki, thanks for your question. It all has to do with the particle size rather than quantity. Large particles = bad. However, as with anything, too much is probably not a good thing.

  20. Alyssa says

    Hi Emily, Is there any brand you recommend over others? I’ve never purchased it before and am wondering what to look for. Thanks!!

  21. Scott McMichael says

    I wanted to pass on a newly discovered use for CS with my mother-in laws tea cup poodle. If you have poodles or other dogs that have the red tearing in their eyes that stains the fur, then you will be glad to know there is a solution other than angel eyes. Angel eyes is a product widely sold and used for this issue and there are conflicting reports about its safety not to mention the expense. My wife takes a mixture of filtered Colloidal Silver mixed with plain Saline and applies it to his eyes daily. Within 3-4 days all the red tearing had stopped and his eyes and fur are clear with no re-occurrence of the stains. This has worked for an extended period of over 6 months. When I say filtered it is only because I make my own CS and I use a coffee filter to be sure of no large particles that could get into the eye or tear ducts. The CS is still effective and by diluting with Saline, the problems associated with prolonged use of CS is diminished. Try it I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

  22. says

    I love silver! I was told however, that colloidal silver does NOT kill beneficial bacteria, it only kills gram negative bacteria, the bad guys. I will dig deeper, as I feel it does not kill gut bacteria that is beneficial, unlike manmade stuff. you might look into it as well.

    • cherykie says

      Jenna, I do believe silver also kills the good bacteria , because it is bacteria! However if I take silver in a large quantity for more than a few days for an illness ( I took about 4 ounces a day for 3 days to clear up my reflux( H pylori bacteria) , I will alternate silver and pro-biotic yogurt at 12 hr. intervals – CS at 7 a m – yogurt at 7 p m. Reflux gone and no digestive upsets…

  23. noelle says

    We used to use it as I also thought the blue man was in ridiculous excess. Then I wrote it up for a parenting network I belonged to and came across this lady’s story:
    She seems to fall more in the realm of what most of us would consider reasonable use. At that point, I decided to only use it externally or in life-threatening circumstances. For coughs that linger we’ve had excellent success with Pelargonium sidoides radix extract. We give a formula available in the Netherlands but it’s widely available commercially. Personally I think there are so many alternatives to colloidal silver out there, I don’t know what my or my children’s tolerance point is for it and so would rather avoid it. There are other people who have turned grey/blue besides that one nutter, like this guy:

  24. says

    Great article. We use silver on an as-needed basis like when we feel a cold coming on, topically for cuts, etc. One thing we always end up using it for, at one point or another, is in our cat’s eye. We have two brother cats, and they like to play rough. Well, one will end up “one-eyed” and then we put in a couple drops of colloidal silver in the infected eye and viola! the eye heals up pretty quickly. Sometimes it takes two doses, but no vet visit needed! :) Money saver!!

  25. Alyssa says

    Could it be given to babies under a year old? It sounds, based on people’s testimonials, like it’s used primarily as a last option when other things aren’t working. So would it be safe to give to an infant with a cold w fever lasting more than a week, do you think? Great article, thanks again for writing it!

    • says

      Hi Alyssa, thanks for asking. If an infant has a fever longer that 3-4 days you should see an MD. I personally would use this before resorting to antibiotics, but only as a last resort.

  26. Justin says

    I used 1/2 tsp at 30 ppm 3 times a day for 5 days and my Shingles went away Thanks Coliodial Silver!! I was a bit dryed out near day three but it was totally worth it:)

    • Justin says

      But now my daughter has chicken pox thanks to me….yikes and i was also wondering if i could give her some; she is just over a year old? Can anyone clear this up for Alyssa and I?

      • says

        Hi Justin, thanks for the question. As I mentioned above and to Alyssa’s comment, while this can be given to little ones, it would really be a last resort for me.

  27. Kelly says

    Hi, I have been giving silver to my kids ages 3 and 4 for the past few weeks for a bad cold, possibly either croup or pertussis, not sure yet. I was giving 1/2 tsp 1-3x a day off and on. But now I am stressing that I might hurt them cause this is a metal. I am so stressed out I want to throw up and threw the rest in the trash. Because I am now worried is it possible to at all detox this back out of the body like other metals? As for turning blue, that is my biggest fear is turning my kids blue and ruining their life and my husband divorcing me. Ehhh I know right “calm down” but sorry I worry about everything way to much that’s just me and these are my kids i am talking about so my worry level is through the roof. I know I didn’t use it long term but they r so small so things might effect them quicker. Does anyone know how long it would actually take to turn blue/silver/gray after discontinued use? Like right away or just in time?

    • Richard says

      I can only say that my son did not turn blue from using it. I gave him about an ounce (hidden in orange juice)when he was sick and the next day he always went back to school. He never had a long bout of illness that lasted for more than a day when I employed CS. The brand was Water Oz that I gave him. I make my own now for myself and I have no signs of turning blue, but I only take it for the “occasion” and not continually because it will affect friendly intestinal bacteria. Still satisfied since 1998. It is such a great feeling that when you can “feel” the flu coming on that you can take of swig of this and most of the time it starts going away in an hour or so!

  28. Kate says

    I woke up this past Monday morning (Dec, 23rd) with a slight cough. By Tuesday afternoon it had blossomed into full-blown flu, with fever, aching joints, massive headache, nausea; in short, the works. I use the same brand of colloidal silver Emily suggests and have used it for the past five years with always positive results. But at the time, I was too miserable to even think, and since all I wanted to do was go to bed, I popped a couple of ibuprophen in my mouth, gave myself a dose of oil of oregano, and went to bed, never once giving the CS a thought. The next morning, after a fitful night’s sleep, it dawned on my that I hadn’t taken any colloidal silver so I began at once to take a teaspoon every two hours ( a maximum of seven throughout the day), holding it under my tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing, per the label directions. That was Christmas morning. My temperature that morning was 100.9. By noon, the aching had all but subsided and my last dose of ibuprophen had been at 5 am that morning. By bedtime, I was feeling fine, no fever, no achiness, no nausea. I went to bed early and slept the night through and woke up the next day feeling fine.

    Such experiences with CS are common for me personally, and I have sucessfully used it in the past to treat any number of maladies,including toothaches, skin irritations, eye infections, etc. The stuff is wonderful.

    But I know not everyone thinks so. I have a dear friend who is a registered nurse who thinks I’m a total idiot for using it and swears I am trying to kill myself by ingesting something that is not regulated and deemed “safe” by the FDA. So just to prepare myself for her arguments, I looked up Tamiflu, the go-to FDA recommendation for treating the flu virus. After complaints were received from thousands of patients, the drug’s manufacturer, Roche, revised the Tamiflu patient information warning to advise that the drug “can cause hallucinations, delirium or abnormal behavior, which sometimes ‘results in fatal outcomes.” And that is taking the medication as prescribed!

    Weighing that against the very slight possibility that I might turn blue if I start drinking massive quantities of the homemade stuff, I’ll take my trusted brand colloidal silver and my nurse friend can have her Tamiflu. I wouldn’t touch the stuff. While I doubt CS will ever be approved by the FDA because it is too easy to make and therefore, virtually impossible to regular, I’m not too worried about it. Maybe because I remember when the FDA approved FenPhen and my doctor prescribed it for me, telling me how wonderfully safe it was and how I could take it the rest of my life with no problem. Fortunately, I read a couple of magazine articles telling me differently and never filled the prescription. A few years later, a friend died because she hadn’t heeded the warnings and wanted desperately to believe in the promises the weight-loss “wonder drug” offered. So when it comes to FDA regulations, I’m not so sold, anyway.

    But I do admit I am both confounded and amused when others warn me that my alternative remedies are not safe. Nothing is 100 percent safe and while few alternative remedies can be deemed so, neither can any of those approved by traditional medicine. To me the best approach to health is a holistic one, listening to your body and doing what feels best to you. If going to the doctor and getting a prescription feels best, then by all means do it. But if taking colloidal silver seems like the right thing to do, then please don’t let some very isolated incidents of people turning blue because the overdid the dosages for long periods of time and overblown scare tactics stop you. Colloidal silver, bottled by a trusted brand and taken according to package directions is as safe as anything else you could take. And quite possibly safer than many of the other remedies available.


  29. jenny says

    I make my own colloidal silver and usewith the blood electrolizer an have experienced a 98%e 8 reversal rate of tortacolis severe head tilt with a lion head cell phone won’t write properly on here sorry tory for spelling errorsand having trouble de trying to correct

    • Joyce says

      Wow! Would you give me more info as my sister has torticollis and has has it for about 10 yrs…even had the expensive brain surgery which didn’t work. I and she would appreciate it very much!

    • Nicole' says

      Apparently they claim the combination of colloidal and ions can distinguish between the “good” flora and from the “bad” flora…

  30. Deborah says

    What is the proper procedure for making your own colloidal silver? I use Pro Image Pro Ionic Silver in my eyes and on my eyelashes for itchy eyelashes (blepharitis). It makes the itching stop immediately.

    • says

      Hi Deborah – Thanks for your question. It’s not something I would recommend, since it’s a delicate process, and could potentially cause you to turn blue.

  31. Anita H says

    Why are all these nurses bashing CS? It was commonly used in hospitals until the 1960’s for skin infections on burn patients among other things….it was displaced by antibiotics and still used in stubborn infections.

    • WadeHawk says

      That’s easy, if we all start using it they will be out of a job, either that or, they are listening to Dr’s who are also job scared, or 3 they are not even Nurses and are just disinformation artists.

  32. deirdre says

    Hi – my 6 yr old started getting a stuffy nose just yesterday and by last night he was miserable, and today he’s got a deep cough. I’d like to supplement the Elderberry syrup I’m giving him with Colloidal Silver — do you have a dosage or specific remedy?


  33. Kate says

    For children age four and older, the brand I use recommends a 1/2 tsp up to seven times a day (I use Sovereign Silver 10 percent solution.) The seven times a day is a good choice for kicking his immune system into high gear quickly. However, I would recommend that you also give him yogurt or some kind of probiotic to protect his tummy. Once it is clear that he is rebounding, you might want to drop down to three or four times a day. At least that’s the protocol I use for myself and when treating my grandchildren and we have never had any problems with it. Do be mindful of a need for some kind of probiotic, however, to make sure the balance of good bacteria in the tummy is maintained.

    Hope this helps.

  34. K.Smith says

    We use it on a as needed bases. In fact I woke up with double pink eye yesterday and I put CS in my eyes, went and worked out, came home and they were clear. I treated them again in the evening and today my eyes are perfectly fine!

    I met a man who was grayish/blue from overuse of CS. He also made his own and I think that is usually where the trouble comes in as he most likely made it incorrectly. But he handled it well, he even matched his grayish skin with a complete gray outfit, with gray boots and gray cowboy hat..ha!

    So I am cautious because of this gray man and I won’t take it or give it unless it is needed for an illness/infection. But I think it is great stuff and would encourage others to use it and research it so they have a good comfort level with it.

  35. Alexis says

    Are there any precautions for using while pregnant? I have always used CS for topical applications and internally as needed… I currently have a cold I can’t seem to kick- all my herbal, homeopathic, etc remedies seem to have done what they can, and I am thinking about using CS. Thoughts on safety or dosage? I am 25 weeks along. Thanks :)

  36. Davina says

    Emily (or someone who knows) – When my husband who is gluten intolerant ingests wheat he gets dirraeah and migraines within a few minutes to hours. Taking a tsp of CS drastically reduces his symptoms. Can you explain to me how CS interacts with the immune system to do this?

    • MsJob says

      I am not sure why cs works for his gluten intolerance. I have celiac disease and I have used rescue remedy a few times when I accidentally ate gluten and began to itch like mad. It really does calm the system and might be helpful to keep around for those moments. It really tames the allergic reponse for me.

      • Davina says

        I think my husbands response is less of an allergic reaction, and more trouble with a leaky gut. Perhaps that is the difference.

  37. MsJob says

    I used colloidal silver when I got my first ever bronchitis at age 40. I used antibiotics because I was far from home and unable to get the cs. I was told once I had bronchitis I would continue to get it again every winter for the rest of my life. Instead, the next winter when I felt my lungs starting to burn, I began taking the cs. The same the third winter. Both times, it kept me from actually getting the bronchitis, and I have never had it since – 10 years later. It did not work on an infected tooth despite my taking it for a couple of weeks nor did it work on eczema as I had been told it would. My experience, it is good and it is not a panacea. I would not take it every day – that does not seem reasonable or useful in my situation.

  38. says

    I use colloidal silver when some one in the house is sick or I feel sickness coming on for preventative measures and stop using a couple of days after symptoms have dissappated with much success!

  39. Cindy B says

    We only use it to boost the immune system when needed. I’ve been wondering some about colloidal silver after a recent article on the television show, “The Doctors” (not my primary source for medical advice). Our brand of colloidal silver doesn’t foam either. And we have used Sovereign in the past. Thanks again for the info. :)

  40. Brenda says

    I just started using cs and love it….why haven’t I found this before. It lessened my bronchitis symptoms and cleared the infection that comes with it…I am still coughing but not the horrible way I am accustomed to when I get bronchitis. ..I get so sick and the coughing nearly tears my throat apart…not any more with the cs…I make my own and I am confident in it as I have been mentored by phone who have been making their own cs for 20 years with excellent results and no blue skin. Btw they take daily and say it only kills the bad bacteria.

  41. Robin says

    Hi I have a cocker Spanial dog that get yeast infection . And two different vets and they don’t really explain just to give antibiotics . And now she has it again . I change her food. But I think it from me giving treats. And I hate to put her on antibiotics again. I look online and saw mesosilver to try. If anyone can help if they try it on there dog how it work and how much to give . She 28 lbs. I willing to try anything thank you

  42. Lynda Jones says

    Thank you for a balanced,pragmatic and accurate article. I started using colloidal silver 3 years ago for acute bronchitis because I’m immune to penicillin (long story) and any penicillin-based antibiotics. Large doses of tetracyclines have already turned my teeth to chalk. The CS cleared up the infection in my lungs and I’ve also used it on cuts, grazes and roasties to clean and stop them from getting infected. Once the wound has started to heal I use comfrey- which must not be used before the wound starts to heal or the skin may close so quickly infection is sealed in. After a spider bite on my dominant eyelid 3 years ago (I’m squint) the tiny scar on the eyelid rubbed on my eye and chonic, low-grade infection resulted. I tried everything from antibiotic ointments to homeopathic drops. A week ago I tried CS. Now I feel like an idiot because after 3 days’ use the swelling and irritation is 40% less. No, CS is not snake oil.

  43. Lynda Jones says

    Bt toxin (which is not broken down by food processing) goes to the lower gut and causes leaky gut syndrome. lgs allows undigested food directly into the bloodstream, causing heightened allergic reactions, ultimately causing permanent damage to the kidneys and other internal organs. Get your husband a 100% NATURAL (no synthesised ingredients, no preservatives), probiotic, keep it in the ‘fridge and make sure he swallows at least 2 a day. I use The Real Thing Pro-Probiotic because it’s almost impossible to avoid GMO soya.

  44. Flora Peace says

    My son had pink eye and I did all the herbs, saline solution, even keefer to try to “crowd out” the bad bacteria. He did recover on his own, but it took about 5 days. Then, I came down with the same. Woke up and couldn’t open my eye. Hubby went straight away to pick up some Sovereign Silver (first time using it) and I put 3-4 drops in it about every two hours. By the middle of the next day, nothing, No red at all. The weeping stopped hours after starting the CS. It is a new mainstay in my home! I’ll never let my son go that long ever again.

    • says

      Flora–do you know if CS will work with viral pink eye? And is it safe to use it on infants? My 5-month (almost 6) old has had pinkeye four times in the last 2.5 months–it keeps coming back. The first few times the antibacterial drops (Vigamox) seemed to clear it up, but it came back a week or so after she went off them (we’re pretty sure daycare is having some kind of epidemic). This time, however, the Vigamox doesn’t seem to be having the same effect–the swelling is gone and the redness/drainage is lessened, but her eyes are still a light pink color and she wakes up with mild boogery-ness. The eye doc says it’s too hard to distinguish between bacterial/viral, but my guess is that she’s ended up with viral this time and that’s why it’s not responding. I’m about ready to lose my mind over this… hoping CS could help?

  45. says

    What people need to know in advance is CS needs taking on an empty stomach. 45 minutes before you eat. Food has a dramatic affect on it, which can weaken or dilute it, and on top of that cause the particles to enlarge, do not mix with anything, drink it pure and don´t use anything metal to administer. I do make my own using a very good generator, The reason people may turn blue is they use salt in the process to speed things up making it. My CS is very high quality. One other thing when you start taking it for the first time the body gets detoxified and this can make you feel quite ill with flu like symptoms, the call it I think the Herxheimer reaction, but this is really a good sign that the CS is doing its stuff. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this. I agree with taing probiotics to replace some of the friendly bacteria that also gets killed off, also drink pleanty of fluids when detoxifying, this washes all the dead pathegons out the body more quickly.

    • Amanda says

      Ronald, I am not sure if it was detoxification from CS or not, but after starting my 4 yr old on it (that has had many couses of antibiotics ue to having CF) he got a high fever for 24 hrs and was feeking very off, but no other symptoms, then was totally fine after that. I thought afterwards that maybe it was from the CS. Interesting….

  46. Ronda says

    Is anyone injecting it with needles?I am told that a colloidal silver injected into the muscle with a diabetic needle will wipe out flu within 10 minutes. This person tht shared this with me does this weekly versus trying to get it in the digestive tract. This person has had extensive training in CS.

  47. Kele Johnson says

    I make my own colloidal silver water on an “as needed” basis. This is the generator I purchased, and it’s fantastic.

    I also take probiotics, but double up when I’m using the colloidal silver to ensure that I have adequate friendly bacteria in my system.

    I haven’t had an infection or virus actually take hold since I began using the silver water. I use it when I “feel” something coming on–and it seems to keep it from ever taking hold. I’ve now gone through several flu and cold seasons without ever actually getting sick, even though I’ve worked in offices where EVERYBODY was coughing and sneezing all over every surface. I’m a believer!

  48. natalie says

    I use colloidal silver in a “gel form” on my son’s skin every day as he has very allergy prone skin and I find that it works wonders…… however….. the manager of the child care centre that he attends, informed me this morning, that unless I “state in writing” that I will “stop” using it on his skin, she said she is REPORTING ME TO CHILD SERVICES!!!!!
    She said that she thinks I will eventually harm him because she believes it will build up in his body.
    Im soooo upset

    • says

      I hope you stood your ground & told her to report you to child services. Quack jobs like her belong in a zoo, so they can be watched over & cared for by government types. She obviously doesn’t have a clue about anything & is probably another one of those people who would turn in their own family for a pat on the back or an “atta boy”.

    • SusieMac says

      CS can and does build up within the body tissues. According to scientific research, overuse can cause permanent skin discoloration and sometimes various other health issues. It should not be used as a cure-all or in a cavalier manner. The manager of your child care centre is NOT a “quack job.” You should be thankful that she cares enough about your child to give you a much needed heads-up.

  49. says

    FYI. If anyone is interested in knowing. I have been using CS to treat patients with Dengue & Chikunguna here in Honduras for almost a month.
    Here are the results so far: 34 people treated, 32 completely healed (confirmed cases of Chikunguna or Dengue)
    How do the doctors or drug companies explain this ???

    Also, the clinics & pharmacies here were so worried about losing their patients or drug sales, they called to complain on television. Thank goodness the news person was in my corner. She had used my CS to cure herself of Chikunguna .

    So I really have my doubts about any person who claims to be a medical professional & says CS doesn’t work.

  50. Angela says

    I love CS. I’ve used it for years and almost never get sick. I’ve always only used it when I felt something coming on and I don’t think I’ve ever needed to use it more than 3 days. I stopped using it when I got pregnant with my daughter just because I heard “turn your baby blue” stories. When she started day care at 1, she got three ear infections in a row along with three rounds of antibiotics, which did not work. I gave her the smallest dosage of CS for three days and we haven’t gone back to the Dr. for ears since. Now, anytime she starts to get sick, I’ll give it to her for a couple days and she gets better. She hasn’t been on antibiotics since. I’m currently prego now and just got pink eye in both eyes. It’s horrible. As soon as I read this, I put some drops in. If it works, I’ll let everyone know.

  51. ashley thacker says

    I was wondering where you guys buy your colloidal silver from? My gma has lung cancer & I was wondering if it would help her!

    • says

      You should look into SOTA products, if you can get your GMA on a steady treatment using something called the “Bob Beck Protocol”. We’ve used it in our home to push out Heavy Metals & Parasites. (Unbeknownst to most, Cancer is actually a living virus that can be destroyed by not continuing to FEED them with junk. That’s why you hear of people curing their cancer by Juicing, etc.)

      Taking CD and drinking ozonated water is part of the Bob Beck Protocol. My father-in-law (not a doctor) has treated and “cured” both his parents cancer by giving them highly concentrated Hemp Oil (yes, that meant having to buy a LOT Marjiuana (which has higher THC count than normal Hemp) by filtering and boiling it down to just the oil extract).

      These methods work, but it requires much vigilance & pro-activeness by the care giver to ensure that the treatments are accurately and properly dealt with. Most of the time this is accompanied by quite significant lifestyle changes to the ones affected, which can be hard to do and for some to accept without traditional doctor’s orders or else forced upon by the sheer effect that Surgery, Chemo, and Radiation.

      Good luck, I’m rooting for you!

  52. Rene says

    My 5 year old has strep. She has taken her antibiotics and they have not worked. Still says her throat hurts and still has white patches. I have Sovereign Silver by dropper form on hand. She does not know how to gargle. How much should I give her and how many times a day. She will have to swallow it. Can I pour a little in a small spray bottle and spray inside her throat, would that be better. Thanks for your help.

    • says

      Hi Rene, thanks for your question. I would say to follow the instructions on the bottle. A spray could also work but otherwise if she can just swallow it, that would also be fine.

  53. Sammy Jo Flaten says

    This might be and probably is a complete coincidence, but I was giving my son (5 yrs old) CS for a cold (very small dosage) and it was only for a few days. The following day that I gave it to him, he suffered a grand mal seizure. He has had headaches ever since. (3 years) I didn’t think it could be related, although it’s always in the back of my mind, but now when I look up side effects, neurological problems and seizures are listed….could this be a link? Has anyone else heard of kids getting seizures after taking CS? I live very organically, and deep down don’t think this is what caused his seizure, but reading the seizure reports has made me feel scared and a little guilty for giving it to him. Coincidence?

    • says

      Hi Sammy Jo, thank you for your comment. I have never heard of anything like this before. Without knowing more, I couldn’t really say, though. With all things, though, if you feel uneasy about using something – I would suggest first, ruling out the possibility that it is the cause of the unease and second, if you feel it is related, don’t use it. However, there is certainly no reason to feel guilty. You do know your son better than anyone else, though, so trust your gut.

  54. Jennifer says

    Could you tell if you have heard if it is okay to give an infant meso silver on a daily basis? Could it possibly have an affect on their brain development?

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, I wouldn’t recommend any colloidal silver products to be given to anyone on a daily basis as I only use these as an effective but limited use remedy when needed.

  55. Jill says

    Those who turn blue:
    1. Are making their own silver at home with tap water. BAD idea….the right water is important!
    2. Are not handling it properly….never put it into contact with metal.
    3. Have forgotten that moderation is key.

  56. Karen Moreland says

    I have just recovered from a nasty bug that involved continuous vomiting and diarrhea. Well after a night of that and exhausting a few natural remedies for vomiting, I thought about colloidal silver, and wondered if that would stop the vomiting long enough for me to be able to ingest some activated charcoal to clear up the diarrhea. So glad I did, after taking 200mls of the silver and then a glass of water afterwards, no more vomiting. My stomach settled right down, and I was even able to start eating again, mind you I just had some fruit as I was still feeling a bit vulnerable. I had never thought to take it for vomiting before, but it will certainly be top of the list if it happens again.

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